The emotional gesture of Andrea Morate, Gorka Ibarguren’s girlfriend, before her expulsion from ‘Survivors 2024’

The emotional gesture of Andrea Morate, Gorka Ibarguren’s girlfriend, before her expulsion from ‘Survivors 2024’
The emotional gesture of Andrea Morate, Gorka Ibarguren’s girlfriend, before her expulsion from ‘Survivors 2024’

There is practically nothing left for us to know who will emerge as the winner of ‘Survivors 2024’. After three months of competition, the program comes to an end tomorrow, Tuesday, June 18, the day we will know which of the four finalists will take home that precious briefcase worth 200,000 euros. After the surprising expulsion last night of Gorka Ibarguren (29 years old), it seems that things will be between Marieta, Rubén Torres, Arkano and Pedro García-Aguado, one of them will manage to get into the list of winners of the program, having left the Basque at doors of the final. Without a doubt, this elimination left everyone in shock last night, since the young man was emerging as one of the favorites to win. In any case, the great contest that Gorka has held is undeniable, being one of the most natural and strongest contestants, so much so that even His girlfriend, Andrea Morate, wanted to dedicate some beautiful words to him on social networks.

Andrea Morate’s emotional message to Gorka Ibarguren

Without having been part of the survivors, Andrea has unwittingly become one of the main protagonists of the program. It all happened when Kiko Jiménez (31 years old) He assured that Gorka had “eaten his mouth” with Marieta (24 years old), another of the participants. The Basque immediately denied it but Marieta ended up saying that there was a kiss “on the corner of his lips”, wanting to stop her partner from being unfaithful. Gorka’s biggest concern after these comments was what his girlfriend thought, that she did not want to be part of the program, having chosen to remain in a discreet background. Although at first Andrea had decided not to appear on television, seeing the drama that had been created and the concern that her boyfriend had regarding how she had taken these events, The young woman went to Honduras to see her partnerstarring in some sweet and romantic moments together.

Now, a few hours before finding out that Gorka was going to be expelled, Andrea shared a nice message on social networks dedicated to her boyfriend: “Thank you for the experience @supervivientestv. And above all Thanks to you love, you are showing everything you are worth. I am very proud of you! You deserve to reach the final! You’re the best“, wrote the Basque on her official Instagram account, showing that their relationship is still standing and even stronger.

The networks turn to Gorka

In this same publication by Andrea, which has already accumulated more than a thousand likes, we have also been able to see a large number of comments supporting the photographer’s boyfriend, who many consider the best and the winner of this edition. “Andrea, your visit was a spectacle, I loved it. What he had to swim… and you also did a great job by not getting into the trap. Gorka has given an example of knowing how to be, he knows how to win and lose in games“He is a good companion, a good person and has taught everyone how to fish,” wrote one follower, while another stated that Gorka is “the best survivor of the entire edition”.

The expulsion of Gorka Ibarguren from ‘Survivors 2024’

After the surprising salvation of Pedro García-Aguado at the beginning of the gala, last night two of the best contestants of the program, Rubén Torres and Gorka, faced the final expulsion. A very intense and exciting semi-final in which the difference between one and the other was only 13 votes difference. The expulsion of the young man left everyone shocked, including the Honduran presenter, Laura Madrueño, who wished he could stay: “I wish there could be five finalists because you are one of them“, he expressed, holding back tears: “Surprising us all with your incredible survival skills, and teaching us day by day that behind your warrior appearance hides a great heart that we have been lucky enough to discover here. For us you are one of our winners,” concluded the presenter.


An emotional Gorka wanted to give a message of gratitude to all those who had supported him in these months: “I want to congratulate the four finalists, especially Torres, he is like my brother and I am super proud that he goes to the final. I want to thank the entire audience, everyone who has followed us and who has been watching us. If someone believes that it is not real, I have to say that it is 100% real, it is terrible. It is the heaviest adventure I have ever done in my life, I have enjoyed it, I am not sad because I am going home with what I love most in the world, my girl and my friends and may the best win. Thank you all!”, stated the contestant, who also wanted to have a few words of gratitude with Laura Madrueño, a great support for them on the island.

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