Pamela Díaz and acid opinion about Shirley Arica and Uriel’s romance

Pamela Díaz and acid opinion about Shirley Arica and Uriel’s romance
Pamela Díaz and acid opinion about Shirley Arica and Uriel’s romance

Shirley Arica fue la última invitada al programa de Pamela Díaz, Sin editar, donde recordó su paso por Tierra Brava, las polémicas que protagonizó y su romance con Arturo Longton.

Lo anterior, en medio de la confirmación de su incipiente relación con Uriel, Futuro fuera de órbita, donde ambos compartieron imágenes juntos.

A través de sus historias de Instagram, la peruana mostró una imagen en la que aparece mordiéndole el labio a su excompañero de reality. Mientras que en otro registro, esta vez compartido por el cantante, salen abrazados muy románticamente.

Como era de esperarse, la Fiera le preguntó por su romance con Uriel, algo que respondió escuetamente la influencer.

“¿Y Futuro?”, le preguntó Pamela. Sin ahondar en el tema, Shirley respondió que “estoy trabajando en mi futuro”

“No te dije Uriel, no quise decir que están juntos”, lanzó la Fiera.

Pamela Díaz opinó sobre la relación de Shirley Arica con Uriel

In the same interview, Pamela Díaz, faithful to her direct style, did not hesitate to give her opinion about the Peruvian’s new romance.

“Now, people, I want to tell you that she is dating Futuro and that she is very in love.”He launched.

However, he predicted an acidic prognosis for the relationship. “I don’t think they’ll last long… No, because this one has a genius as well, you have to have it as good, otherwise it’s not that easy and it doesn’t hold up.”

It is worth mentioning that Shirley also referred to her past relationship with Arturo Longton, indicating that “it came to nothing, not because of me, because everything was fine until he left, we said goodbye and the typical ‘oh you’re leaving, I’m going to miss you’ and that“.

“We had planned to spend New Year’s together, so as a good Cancerian I idealize everything and relationships and I said ‘well, I already found my better half against all odds. Yes, I projected myself with him.”

Finally, he stated that “I already had my plans made and out of nowhere, he wrote to me saying ‘I’ve thought things through and I think it’s better that we leave things here.’ And I was thinking about my New Year’s trip, my suitcase, my plans and our love…”, he closed.

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