The hard work of protocol that has transformed Leonor and Sofía 10 years after the Proclamation

Just 48 hours from tenth anniversary of the Proclamation of Felipe VI, we are aware of the enormous transformation that the Royal House has undergone with Felipe (56 years old) and Letizia (51 years old) at the head of the Crown. And with them we have closely followed the growth of Princess Leonor (18 years old) and Infanta Sofía (17 years old) on a personal and institutional level.

When King Juan Carlos abdicated in favor of his son Felipe in 2014, Leonor and Sofía were girls of 11 and 10 years old, respectively. It is impossible to forget the family image of the new kings with the beautiful little ones and Letizia who did not take her eyes off her and her daughters. I gave them protocol notes from a distancelike that gesture with his hands where he told Sofía to close her legs.

At that time, the daughters of kings They were not used to such formal acts like that., since their parents decided to keep them out of anything that involved facing the cameras. Of the two, the most restless was Sofía, who during the institutional event did not stop looking from one side to the other, curious about everything that was happening around her, while Leonor kept her face serious and her body perfectly upright.


Although the kings did everything possible for their daughters to have as normal a childhood as possible, completely away from the media spotlight. The truth is that both Leonor and Sofía had to learn everything about royal protocol when they had barely begun to live..

The passage of time has led members of the royal houses to break countless rules, but there is a way of proceeding that irremediably distances them from ordinary people. Rules of etiquette that must be strictly followed, maintaining a friendly gesture at all times or greeting in a certain way depending on the person in front of you. Customs that Doña Letizia had to learn against the grain when she married Don Felipe, and with which Leonor and Sofía were born.

The strict rules of protocol of a princess

It has always been said about Leonor and Sofía that they are two girls, now women, very well educated. For many, Doña Letizia’s strict and perfectionist education has had a lot to do with it in the impeccable way in which they perform in all public events.

The royal protocol is the “set of rules responsible for guiding and conducting all those events, acts or ceremonies in which there will be the presence of a royal house”, a definition that highlights the set of rules of conduct and dress that must be followed strictly.

Although the truth is that everything depends on the royal house, a princess, in this case Leonor, should not wear suggestive necklines or skirts that are too short. Likewise, both hairstyles and makeup should be simple and without fanfare, although always with a careful and perfect image. As for her conduct, a royal is prohibited from speaking about politics or intimacies, and ““You must always show a positive, gentle and humble attitude.”highlight from the International School of Protocol.

Finally, regarding the training that a princess or infanta must follow, she must prepare very well at an academic level, master the national and other foreign languages, as well as face military training if it is necessary like Leonor.

Leonor and SofiaLeonor and Sofia

Although this is the central rule, there are always variants, and it is true that in recent years the desire of the new kings such as Felipe and Letizia, William and Máxima of Holland or Frederick and Mary of Denmark to modernize the monarchy will facilitate this bond with the people. .

The intense agenda of Leonor and Sofía on the tenth anniversary of the Proclamation of Felipe VI

The Spanish royal family begins one of its most special weeks. After celebrating the 20th anniversary of their wedding in the strictest privacy, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will celebrate the 10 years of their ascension to the throne in style. Surrounded by their daughters Leonor and Sofía, The kings will face a day full of events among which it is worth highlighting a first meeting at the Royal Palace where they will attend the relief of the Royal Guard, the subsequent ceremony of awarding decorations of the Order of Civil Merit, and a multitudinous lunch where the Powers of the State will be represented as well as all the territories and sectors of society.

In the afternoon, it will be Leonor and Sofía, alone, who will close the anniversary commemorative events with a relaxed meeting with young people in the Royal Palace and then preside over a subsequent visit to the Gallery of the Royal Collections.

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