Mariana Fabbiani’s photo album traveling with her teenage daughter in New York

Mariana Fabbiani’s photo album traveling with her teenage daughter in New York
Mariana Fabbiani’s photo album traveling with her teenage daughter in New York

“Happy 14th my beautiful Matilda!!”, the host began by writing, including several photos in her publication, both current and of the teenager as a child. “How magical to see you grow so strong and so wise. You fill everything around you with light and joy,” added Fabbiani, who is in a relationship with producer Mariano Chihade and is also Máximo’s mother.

“On this beautiful path of becoming a mother, you are the best teacher I could dream of. You know, always free my love, raising your voice when necessary and seeking happiness. I love you!!!!”, completed the host of “El Diario of Mariana”, which is broadcast on América TV.

Mariana Fabbiani spoke about her health

In her program, “Mariana’s Diary”, which she hosts on América TV, Mariana Fabbiani revealed the hard time she went through throughout her life due to her mental health. At her apartment, they were talking about Andrea Rincón’s statements that, when she was 4 years old, she cut off her arms. Therefore, a mental health specialist came to the set to clarify all her doubts about self-harm.

Psychiatrist Sergio Grosman began the talk about people who take psychiatrist medication and reflected on how society’s perspective changed, since, previously, those who took pills were frowned upon. “There are some disorders that will require medication for life and others for many years because each person is different,” said the specialist.

“Addictions occur for pleasure and no one takes mental health remedies for pleasure and some are even unpleasant. In addition, one can depend for different reasons. One can depend on pills because they lower your blood pressure or because they prevent heart attacks” , determined the psychiatrist.

“Also, it can be temporary and you may depend on the remedy only at that stage of your life,” Fabbiani added. “Yes, but there are some people who need it for life,” Grosman explained. “If with that remedy they can live as if they did not have the disease, it is wonderful,” explained the mental health specialist.

Franco Torchia then questioned the difference between those who must take pills for a mental health problem and those who take pills for physical health problems, such as diabetes or hypertension. “But why does society object to a person who is medicalized until his last days and does not object to those who are medicalized for diabetes?” asked the journalist.

“This happens and before it was said ‘you’re sick with nerves’. We are not exempt from that social gaze,” reflected Torchia. There, Fabbiani got into the intersection and asked a blunt question. “Raise your hand if you’ve never had a panic attack. I have,” said the host.

“For those who don’t know what death is, it is the closest thing,” added Mimi Alvarado, who said that she has had to be on medication for 12 years due to these attacks. “It’s terrible, it’s horrible and frightening. Now at least there is a name, before it was not known,” explained the presenter when remembering her panic attacks.

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