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The complete interview with the cast of “Cris Miró (Her)”:

With much sympathy and excitement for the premiere of the series of which they were part, César Bordón, Katja Aleman, Victorio D’Alessandro and Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristarán began by explaining the importance of telling Cris Miró’s story at this time. “It is always important to see a character who has burst into modern life in such a way that not so many years have passed. However, he was totally disruptive, novel, striking, etc. It happened during the 90s and well, in some way and within the family environment, what we rebuilt is a traditional, special, middle class family, which suddenly finds itself totally intervened by a decision of one of its members.“, began Bordón who plays Cris’s father.

Then, he added: “That changes everything and, at the same time, that moves society and the show and a lot of things. So, It is very flattering and good to tell it as historical data and also very good to reaffirm it as present data to be very clear about how things are, also from now on“. In that sense, both César and Katja Aleman talked about what it was like to build such a controversial marriage in which one is very much in favor of the decision to Cris Miro and the other doesn’t.

“I think that Cris’s mother, well the mother that I embody, right? is a force to be reckoned with,” he said. Katja Aleman amid laughter from both him and the rest of the cast. “Things are as she says and, in general, this is how it is, she organizes everything. He has everything organized, that the doctor comes, that this, that that, that the other goes. She has everything organized to make it the way she wants.“, continued the actress to which, openly and amused, Agustín added: “He has everyone shitting.”

And, after some inside jokes, Aleman continued: “So, the husband (César Bordón) is already used to this lady. He has been living with her for a long time, he has two children, so he has to make a bit of a truce, because if not she is crazy, imagine. And I think that yes, the beautiful thing is, precisely, now thinking about it so Cris gets from her mother that determination that the mother has so that Cris is not like that, that it is Gerardo, the original name. She wanted her to be Gerardo and she had that desire for her to be Gerardo. So she wanted the same thing, but in reverse. No, I’m going to be Cris“.

“Everything good came from his father,” César Bordón interrupted. in an improvised way. “And the influences of his older brother”Agustín added, thus generating more laughter among those present. As to Victorio D’Alessandro, the interpreter of Fedeher boyfriend, he explained: “I think about the boyfriend He is a fundamental support in everything that begins to happen to Cris. He knows her from one moment to the next. She ends up being a figure of Maipo in a very short time since they met“.

“What we want to tell in the series is true love and what Fede, my character, meant to her. And I think that yes, it helps her a little to know that there are people who are watching her in what she does and knowing that what she is doing is right, what she wants to do, her conviction, her security and where she is going,” D’Alessandro stated before minuteone.com. After this, also He talked about his relationship with Mina Serrano and what it was like to work with her.

As if this were not enough, the rest of the actors, like Victorio, also told what the creation process was like and the privilege they feel to be part of this story. At the same time, they stated whether they already knew the story, or How they felt when they saw Mina Serrano on stage as well as the rest of the characters. On the other hand, they also did a deep review of what strange data was found in this biopic.

Likewise, they made reference to the risk they take when interpreting a character that was true and how they differentiate between fiction and reality. It’s more, both Katja Aleman and Victorio D’Alessandro talked about what were the principles for not making the characters so similar to reality with the use of “the figure of the double.” Don’t miss the full interview in the video.

Synopsis of “Cris Miró (Her)”:

This story, based on the novel “Female, Cris Miró – Living and dying in a country of males” by Carlos Sanzol, will come to recognize and highlight her mark as one of the most important trans women for this group, which revolutionized the era and He also managed to promote a fight that is still in force today.

Trailer for “Cris Miró (Her)”:

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