Sofía Vergara suffers a painful loss: “My life will never be the same without you”

La Toti, as Sofía Vergara is also known, is not going through one of her best moments. According to her announcement on social networks, One of his great friends recently passed away.with whom he began to write his story in the United States.

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With an emotional photo gallery that tells of their years of friendship, Sofia Vergara fired Barry Peele, who died on June 15. “My life will never be the same without you,” wrote the Colombian actress in the description with which she accompanied the photographs.

For now, The causes of Barry Peele’s death are unknownbut from Hollywood several people mourn his death and send messages of condolence to his family.

Who was Barry Peele, Sofía Vergara’s friend who recently died?

In addition to being a model and photographer, Barry Peele was also recognized by many celebrities for being an international real estate professional and producer for Sotheby’s, based in Beverly Hills, California.

Thanks to his work, for more than 20 years, Barry Peele became known for handling very high-profile clients with great professionalism, being one of the most beloved agents in the Hollywood industry. In addition to Sofía Vergara, he worked with other important celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Ricky Martin and Sharon Stone, among others.

Before becoming a real estate agent, Barry Peele had a great journey as a professional photographer and producer in Hollywood, that’s where his friendship with the Colombian woman was born. In fact, he produced two well-known documentary films throughout his career as a producer, the first film being Rize (2005) and, the second, I Am Because We Are (2008).

Throughout their years of friendship, Barry Peele lived important moments with Sofía Vergara, always accompanying her at the festivities. In addition, he was the organizer of the Colombian’s engagement party with Joe Manganiello at the Soho House in West Hollywood. In fact, one of Peele’s last publications was a photo with the actress.

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