‘Clanes’, the Netflix series about Galician drug traffickers: Clara Lago and Tamar Novas star in the trailer

‘Clanes’, the Netflix series about Galician drug traffickers: Clara Lago and Tamar Novas star in the trailer
‘Clanes’, the Netflix series about Galician drug traffickers: Clara Lago and Tamar Novas star in the trailer

Clanes, with Clara Lago and Tamar Novas, arrives on Netflix on June 21.

Netflix is ​​preparing to further capture the attention of its international audience by announcing the addition of Clans to its catalog of original series in Spanish. This exciting Spanish production will be released on June 21, promising to be a captivating addition to your repertoire. Starring Clara Lago and Tamar Novas, Clans delves into the dark recesses of a plot that mixes revenge and forbidden love, promising to keep the audience in suspense through its unexpected twists.

The mastermind behind the creation and script of Clans is Jorge Guerricaechevarríaa screenwriter whose notoriety comes from his prolific collaboration with high-caliber Spanish directors such as Álex de la Iglesia and Daniel Monzón, with whom he collaborated on the script of Cell 211, among other. The direction of the series falls into the experienced hands of Roger Gual (The cable girls, The mess you leave)ensuring top-level cinematographic and narrative quality.

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Clans not only stands out for its exciting plot, but also for the diversity and richness of its locations, ranging from the picturesque views of Galicia, Malaga and Gibraltar even the intense scenes in Algeciras, Madrid, Port and Senegal. This array of locations provides a vibrant backdrop that enriches the series’ narrative.

Image from the Netflix series ‘Clans’

The story focuses on Ana, a lawyer who seeks redemption and a new beginning in the Galician town of Cambados, in the center of the Rías Baixas. However, her past follows her closely, and her arrival awakens the interest of Daniel, played by Tamar Novas, the son of an influential drug trafficker and ringleader of the Padin clan. This meeting begins a spiral of events that no one can foresee.

Clans It is a production of Vaca Films, a company recognized for its previous work with Netflix on acclaimed titles such as “The Mess You Leave.” The cast of the series is complemented by talents such as Xosé Antonio Touriñán, Chechu Salgado, Melania Cruz, Miguel de Lira, Francesc Garrido, Diego Anido and María Pujalte, who contribute their skills to bring this intriguing drug trafficking thriller to life. The series will arrive on the platform next June 21 this year, with eight episodes that will be released simultaneously as usual on the platform.

This launch reinforces Netflix’s commitment to providing its subscribers with access to high-quality original content in Spanish, exploring complex themes such as the dynamics of drug trafficking and power struggles, all wrapped in a suspenseful drama. Clans is positioned to be a series that will capture the attention of viewers, keeping them hooked from the first episode, available immediately upon its premiere.

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