Eliana Guercio and Cata from Big Brother said everything to each other on the networks: “Shame on others!”

Eliana Guercio and Cata from Big Brother said everything to each other on the networks: “Shame on others!”
Eliana Guercio and Cata from Big Brother said everything to each other on the networks: “Shame on others!”

Catalina and Eliana Guercio crossed paths in Big Brother 2023 (Video: GH, Telefe)

Tempers are running high inside the house Big Brother 2023, but also outside. The support you have been giving Eliana Guercio to Ragethe most scandalous participant of the edition, managed to confront her with Catalina Gorostidi. A mistake by the ex-vedette on social network

A fan account dedicated to the doctor from Santa Fe, with a username very similar to the official one, tweeted against the panelist of The GH Debate. “Now it is understood why @ElianaGuercio defends Furia so much, they are both equally violent Big Brother,” they wrote, while remembering the slap that the former dancer gave to Marcelo Polino in Intruders in 2006.

After a meeting they had had in the Santiago del Moro cycle where they analyzed the game, which came just after the short circuit that Eliana had with Sol Pérez and which ended in tears, the actress did not doubt the veracity of the user and ended up responding to her. to the “false Catherine”.

An error by Eliana Guercio in X ended in a fight with Cata de Gran Hermano 2023 (Photo: X)

“Oh Cata, Cata. The most important thing about the fact is that we both had the greatness to apologize to each other, forgive each other and hug each other. Telling each other that we love each other, working together again, etc.,” wrote Chiquito Romero’s wife. “You are no match for either of them. Give me a thousand Furies,” she exclaimed.

Unleashed, the panelist of the Telefe cycle began to cross paths with those who support Juliana’s former friend and today her greatest enemy. “Is saying ‘son of a bitch…’ to Catalina being respectful? “How low your bar of respect is,” one launched, and she defended herself.

Big Brother’s Cata reaction upon discovering that Eliana Guercio dedicated spicy phrases to a trout account with her name

“I never said that sweetheart, nor would I say it either. I would offend myself. “My support is not towards the insult but towards the revelation of the attitudes that she had and continues to have outside the house,” she noted, so that a few minutes later the real Catalina appears to confront her.

The former star’s confusion made the reality star make fun of her misstep. “I thought it was a trick Twitter! It’s her ! Tiesaaa What happened to him? Ha ha ha. What a shame for others,” she said, very spicy. From there, she was shocked on the social network.

Eliana Guercio and Cata from Big Brother 2023 ended up crossing paths in X

“Cata taught me that if you are going to fight you always have to fight upwards, never downwards. I congratulate you, you are doing well. Good life,” Guercio started. “If it should be up, I wouldn’t be talking to you because you’re not above me ha, ha, ha,” the other said and continued.

“You are rude! I never did ANYTHING to you to make you approve of the hates’ attacks on me! And this is my Twitter, not the other one, ridiculous,” exclaimed the reality contestant and Eliana followed her.

The sharp back and forth of Catalina from Big Brother and Eliana Guercio on the networks

“Cata, I neither approve nor disapprove of anything. I don’t need to attack. If it bothers you that I agree that Fury when she comes out see that despite being out of the game, you continue to spread hate in real life. “I wouldn’t be the one who has the problem,” she lashed out.

But it didn’t stop there. “You make me ashamed, Eliana Guercio! I found out if this Twitter was really yours because it seemed pathetic to me and it is actually you. How shameful everything you say. I kiss your 29 thousand followers,” she shot.

“May you be very pretty. Thank God I don’t need to have followers, love,” the actress concluded, while the pediatrician mocked her that she had blocked her from that social network.

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