Alfredo Redes attacked Karen Sevillano after a joke he made to ‘Pantera’ in ‘The House of the Famous’

Alfredo Redes attacked Karen Sevillano after a joke he made to ‘Pantera’ in ‘The House of the Famous’
Alfredo Redes attacked Karen Sevillano after a joke he made to ‘Pantera’ in ‘The House of the Famous’

Alfredo Redes tried to trouble Karen Sevillano for joking ‘Pantera’ – credit montage Infobae/Photos screenshot VIX

In The house of the famous Colombia Tension and jokes are the participants’ daily bread. Viewers keep an eye on what happens on the show with their favorite celebrities and their reactions.

This is how a scene from the most recent episode of this reality show, produced by Canal RCN and Vix, has caught the attention of the public and has quickly gone viral on social networks, since followers witnessed a meeting between the influencer Karen Sevillano and the participant Alfredo Redes.

In accordance with accusations from Cartagena, the Cali woman is being problematic and intentionally seeks conflicts with the people who are sharing the house with her.

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Karen Sevillano is accused of wanting to cause “bololó” in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ – ViX credit

It all started when Karen Sevillano, looking to entertain herself in a house that feels emptier every day, decided to play a prank on ‘Pantera’.

The Cali woman lay down on the red furniture, a space that Kevin Fuentes usually uses to rest. At that moment the young man approached and, seeing Karen in her usual place, she asked him to get up because that was his position, but the young woman did not pay attention to him. and laughing, he told her that he wanted to be there and that that is not his furniture.

Alfredo Redes, upon learning what happened, decided to intervene. He left the room to defend his partner and took the opportunity to launch a series of criticisms at Karen Sevillano in a joking manner, while she tried to defend herself.

“He does it out of evil because you are evil; That’s why Martha called him the snake. Do you notice how she treats the men of the house? And she says that we fall for her in droves. She worked. That’s Karen Sevillano, troublemaker. She knows that this is ‘Pantera’s’ position and she goes to bed there every day. She has never lain on that red piece of furniture, but she lay there just to find the tongue of ‘Pantera’ to play the victim,” Redes exclaimed. adding that Sevillano used the men of the house as her servants and that they even had to do personal tasks for her, such as washing her clothes.

Karen Sevillano bothers ‘Pantera’ and Alfredo defends him – credit screenshot

Karen, without losing her good humor, laughed at the accusations and defended her right to sit wherever she wanted. “Here I make myself wherever I want, that simple, that simple. Here Pantera does not own any furniture, here I stay”the influencer responded, causing more laughter and maintaining her defiant stance.

Finally, everyone left, leaving Karen alone in the furniture, who couldn’t contain her laughter at what had just happened.

Meanwhile, contestants continue to compete fiercely to secure a spot in the final four. The program is in its final stretch, and the winner will be revealed on June 17. The winner will not only take home 400 million Colombian pesos, but will also have the honor of turning off the lights in the house. that has captured the attention of viewers in Colombia, Panama and Latin America.

It is worth mentioning that every day ‘the boss’ brings a new surprise to the program and each interaction can change the course of the game. With the end in sight, tensions are at a peak, and viewers are eager to find out if there will be new twists in the final episodes.

‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ is close to completion and every day has more surprises – credit @lacasadelosfamososcolombia1/Instagram

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