Edith González’s husband remembers her 5 years after her departure; daughter of the actress does not attend mass

Edith González’s husband remembers her 5 years after her departure; daughter of the actress does not attend mass
Edith González’s husband remembers her 5 years after her departure; daughter of the actress does not attend mass

Edith González’s widower held a mass to remember her for the fifth consecutive year.

Like for five years, Lorenzo Lazowidower of Edith Gonzalez, held a mass to remember the Mexican actress on her death anniversary. In a meeting with the media, she took the opportunity to share her feelings and the plans she has for the future to continue honoring her memory.

Through his personal Instagram, Lorenzo Lazo shared the invitation to the mass that was held on Thursday, June 13, an event that has been repeated in recent years and seeks to keep alive the memory of who was his wife and who won his affection. of the public on the small screen.

Edith González died on June 13, 2019 after a long fight against cancer. (Photo: Instagram/@edithgonzalezmx1)

Although throughout this time the mass seemed to be a family tradition in which all the members would always be present, on this occasion Constance Creel, Edith’s only daughter, was not present,

When the media realized that Edith González’s daughter was not present, they could not help but question the reason for her absence to Lorenzo Lazo, the Mexican businessman with whom the protagonist of “Corazón Salvaje” had a romantic relationship from 2010 to 2019.

“Thank you very much for your presence and thanks to all of you. Many very beautiful memories, always in the heart. Now we will do it privately and we wait for the way Constanza decides that her mother is remembered,” Edith’s widower told the media.

Regarding the sudden decision, he also explained that: “The family, in particular Constanza, has decided that this date be commemorated privately, therefore, starting this year, we have made the decision, I for one, to “Let this private commemoration be carried out by Constanza, as Edith’s only heir daughter.”

In the same statement that was taken up by the morning newspaper “Hoy”, the economist declared that: “Constanza, as an adult, has the responsibility and right to remember her mother as she decides best.”

Santiago Creel and Edith González had a daughter named Constanza Creel (Ig constancitas1)

It should be noted that Constanza Creel is currently in the custody of her father, the politician Santiago Creel; However, now that he is of age, the family decided that starting this year Lorenzo will no longer be in charge of holding these types of public events, which only sought to pay tribute to the soap opera protagonist.

Lorenzo Lazo and Edith González married in 2010 and maintained a relationship until the actress’ death in 2019. During González’s illness, the businessman was always by her side and was constant support. After the death of the actress, he has continued with his professional life and has maintained a discreet public presence.

Lorenzo Lazo and Edith González married in 2010 (Instagram)

Although for five years he organized public events to remember the interpreter and was always kind to the media, there are few times that he has opened his heart to talk about his feelings now that his wife is no longer here.

The first time he did it was for the cameras of the program “Venga la Alegría”, where he confessed the complexity of facing the death of a loved one. “People don’t get rid of it with work, they carry it in their soul all their lives,” he said a few days after Edith’s death.

On the other hand, something that his followers recognize is the fact that he always shares the visits he makes to the grave of his wife, since since he said goodbye to her he has been in charge of keeping her memory alive through social networks.

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