Yuridia is pregnant; VIDEO goes viral where she breaks the news to her husband Matías Aranda in the middle of the show

Yuridia is pregnant; VIDEO goes viral where she breaks the news to her husband Matías Aranda in the middle of the show
Yuridia is pregnant; VIDEO goes viral where she breaks the news to her husband Matías Aranda in the middle of the show

Speculation has arisen on the social network X about Yuridia’s new pregnancy, after the release of a video during a show in Guatemala. (@yuritaflowers, @lacomadritaof_)

In recent hours, speculation has arisen about a new pregnancy Yuridia. The singer, who since 2019 has been married to Matias Arandaanother former participant of The academybecame a mother for the second time last July.

Currently, Yuridia performs a series of concerts in Central American countries. In addition to Matías Aranda and his little one Benicioare accompanied by the interpreter’s eldest son, phoenixthe result of her short-lived relationship with the singer Edgar Guerrero.

On the eve of Father’s Day in Mexico, Yuridia appeared in Guatemala and El Salvador. At the end of one of her presentations, the performer, her husband and the band that accompanies them say goodbye to the audience. The moment, which went unnoticed by the public, has acquired a singular relevance on the social network X, after accounts focused on entertainment discovered an important message that the singer gives to her partner.

‘La Comadrita’, an account focused on entertainment and television issues that has gained relevance on the platform, shared a fragment of the show. In the clip, which lasts just a few seconds, the digital creator wonders if Yuridia is pregnant, as she can see how she seems to tell Matías Aranda “You are going to be a dad again.” After his words, the singer kisses her and smiles.

A video circulates on social networks where the singer Yuridia allegedly tells her husband, Matías Aranda, that he will be a father again Credit: @lacomadritaof_, X

“You’re going to be a dad again.”is a phrase repeated by several tweeters who, like the influencer who shared the clip, do a lip reading of the former participant of The academy. However, although Yuridia seems to say it, a person who claims to have been at one of the presentations, she shared a compelling argument that would rule out the rumors:

“She just sang in Guatemala and was drinking liquor on stage, so maybe she’s not pregnant.”

Yuridia and Matías Aranda became parents in July 2023, two years after getting married. (Instagram: @yuridiaflowers)

Yuridia met Matías Aranda in 2009, three years after the Sonoran obtained second place in her generation. However, the relationship between them arose seven years later, when both broke up with their respective partners. In 2016, Yuridia asked to include the Argentine in the video clip for the song “You mistaken.” From that moment on, an attraction arose between them and in 2019, the singers got married in an intimate ceremony held in Tepoztlán, Morelos, on a property owned by the Sonoran.

In February 2023, Yuridia confirmed her pregnancy and in July of that year their first child together was born, whom they named Benicio. After 11 months, the couple is once again the topic of conversation on social networks.

While the issue escalates on X and on TikTok, Yuridia has stayed away from the controversy; However, Yuridia is expected to react, since throughout her career she has been characterized by using her own social networks and being very frontal in the face of controversies.

Yuridia and Matías Aranda became a father in July 2023. (@yuritaflowers / @elmatiaranda)

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