Martha I. Bolaños reported harassment at La Casa de los Famosos

Martha I. Bolaños reported harassment at La Casa de los Famosos
Martha I. Bolaños reported harassment at La Casa de los Famosos


The Valle del Cauca actress referred to what she experienced inside La Casa de los Famosos and talked about the strategies for the final.

The final chapter arrived at La Casa de los Famosos where Julián Trujillo, Karen Sevillano, Miguel Melfi and Sebastián González will contest in a vote who will be chosen by the public to turn off the lights and win the millionaire prize that is at stake. On the last night of elimination, Alfredo Redes, the content creator from Cartagena, who made it to the top 5 and was one of the most controversial contestants due to the way in which he interacted with his rivals, left.

In the final there were two members of the Papillent team and two members of the Galactic team, with Julián Trujillo being one of the favorites because he was chosen last Friday as the first finalist of the competition. Then the remaining 4 arrived at the elimination night and this Monday starting at 9 pm it will be possible to find out who is the winner of the first edition of this program that has been a complete success.

The House of the Famous has been characterized as a program where isolation, coexistence and of course, strategy have prevailed. The two teams little by little were losing fundamental pieces and even the public was divided into two sides, where they voted for and against those they wanted to save or eliminate. The truth is that the quarrels and fights even escalated outside the program.

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During the preview of the elimination night, one of the members of the galactic team, Martha Isabel Bolaños, decided to break the silence and in a live broadcast on her social networks decided to report that she was a victim of harassment when she was in competition. Let us remember that when she left, she declared that her relationship with La Segura and Alfredo was quite complex, to the point that the Valle del Cauca influencer celebrated her departure in style.

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