Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not looking for a house in the United Kingdom

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not looking for a house in the United Kingdom
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not looking for a house in the United Kingdom

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They have been without a home in England since they were evicted from Frogmore Cottage last summer. Despite rumors that Harry’s ongoing legal battle over his security arrangement is a sign that he is interested in a more permanent place in the country – where he and Meghan both have ties to philanthropy – Vanity Fair can report that the prince is not looking for a property in the UK.

The writer specialized in royalty Tom Quinn sparked speculation about it in an interview with the Daily Mirror, in which he assumed that the Californian lifestyle might be tiring Harry. “He misses his old friends from Eton and the army, many of whom have not visited him, as they do not get on well with Meghan,” said Quinn, author of books such as Gilded Youth. “Harry is determined to find his own permanent home in the UK, which is partly why he is continuing his legal action to get the British taxpayer to pay for his safety.”

Earlier this month, Harry won the right to continue fighting for greater security protection when he visits the country. For the past two years, the prince’s lawyers have argued that the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures was wrong to downgrade his publicly funded security in the country when he stepped down from his royal role in 2020. In At first, Harry argued that he should be allowed to fund his own armed security during his visits to the country; Now the legal battle focuses on the process that was followed to make the decision to strip him of full access to armed security in the first place.

Last summer, Harry and Meghan moved their belongings out of Frogmore Cottage, the five-bedroom house near Windsor Castle that they moved into shortly after their wedding in 2018. Although the couple moved to Southern California and made the United States Joining their main residence in 2020, they kept the house in the grounds of Windsor Home Park to make occasional visits to the United Kingdom, including a high-profile trip in June 2022 during which they attended Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee events. II. The house was given as a wedding gift to Meghan and Harry by the late queen, but after King Charles III ascended the throne, he requested that the couple vacate the property.

In 2024, Harry has already made some trips to his home country, including a one-day visit where he met King Charles shortly after he announced his cancer diagnosis. On another recent visit to the country, he stayed in a hotel rather than a palace apartment.

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