Piqué played the card for Clara Chía and the situation took an unexpected turn; journalist slashed the young woman for a sensitive topic

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía became one of the most controversial couples on digital platforms, due to the way their relationship began. Said romance arose, supposedly, shortly after the businessman separated from Shakira, for which he was seen in a bad light.

Although both Spaniards avoided criticism and constant attacks on digital stages, the media presence was always active to uncover all types of decisions they made. The public relations specialist and the former soccer player managed to portray a defensive attitude, remaining silent so that their lives would not be talked about.

The couple starred in a series of news for their love relationship. | Photo: Twitter @ClaGerFans

The couple decided to turn to the Spanish courts to find a solution, putting an end to the “harassment” they felt from the photojournalist. At first a restraining order was effective, but said issue expired and the Catalan returned to the streets to carry out his work with some means.

However, the curious thing about the matter is that the reporter, in dialogue with The fat and the skinnyrevealed that Piqué played a particular card before the verdict in the trial. Everything seems to indicate that the businessman contacted him, seeking to reach an agreement so that this uncomfortable situation would not occur on the court.

Jordi Martín, Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué, respectively. | Photo: Editing, Instagram: @jordimartinpaparazzi / @3gerardpique

Mr. Gerard Piqué, this week, called me to make an agreement, he did not want to go to trial and since I know that I have not done anything wrong, I thought about taking a chance so that I face a sentence of several years… I take a chance because The only thing I have done is my job, photographing well-known people”, he commented before cameras.

Jordi Martin confessed that he was very afraid and felt affected, since he knew that he had not done anything wrong against the Catalans.

At the moment, Clara Chía’s reaction is unknown.who was captured arriving at the legal appointment in the company of her boyfriend.

Pique and Clara Chia at the wedding of the ex-footballer's brother.
Pique and Clara Chia always attracted the attention of the press. | Photo: Europa Press via Getty Images
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