Violence in Huila: two young people died in the middle of a shootout, one of them was a renowned photographer

Violence in Huila: two young people died in the middle of a shootout, one of them was a renowned photographer
Violence in Huila: two young people died in the middle of a shootout, one of them was a renowned photographer

A 28-year-old young man was caught in the middle of a shooting in Pitalito – credit Ricardo Ayerbe González / Facebook

Inhabitants of commune 4, in Pitalito (Huila), are shocked by the sudden death of a renowned photographer and engineer, who was caught in the middle of a confrontation between alleged criminals.

The unfortunate event occurred on the night of Saturday, April 20 and was confirmed on the morning of Wednesday, April 24, after the death of the 28-year-old man was known.

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The victim was identified as Leonardo Santos Jiménez, who at the time of the events was traveling on a motorcycle, along with his partner, on a street in the Villa Café neighborhood. Subsequently, and in a matter of seconds, a shootout broke out, in which one of the projectiles hit the young man’s head, who immediately fell to the ground, while his wife fortunately emerged unharmed from the shooting.

Santos Jiménez, father of a girl, was rushed to a nearby healthcare center where, due to the severity of his injuries, on Monday, April 22, he was declared brain dead; However, he did not resist and died on the morning of Tuesday, April 23.

The young man was traveling on a motorcycle with his wife when he was surprised by the shooting – credit Colpresa

Users on social networks lamented the death of the photographer and shared common memories: “Leito, thank you for so much love and for the beautiful mark you left. I love you very much,” were some of the messages.

On social networks they shared videos remembering the renowned murdered photographer – credit Yeferson Mauricio Bermeo Castro / Facebook

Additionally, it was learned that another 18-year-old young man, named Yeison Fernando Díaz Fierro, involved in the shooting, died at the scenewhile a third person, Jesús Esteban Arboleda Fierro, 22, was injured and later captured by the authorities, because a revolver with five cartridges was found in his possession.

The public order situation that ended with the death of the young photographer also led to the capture of the alleged perpetrator of the crime, in the Valle de Laboyos sector, as revealed Huila Diary. However, no further details of the capture are known.

According to what is known by Time, The confrontation between the alleged criminals would have originated as a result of an argument over the respective profits obtained from a robbery carried out in the municipality of Pitalito.

Violence in Tuluá has intensified in recent months, mainly against public officials of the municipality; However, on this occasion it was a promising young soccer player who was a fatal victim of crime.

The young man in question was identified as Camilo López, a 15-year-old teenager and local soccer promise who died as a result of a stray bullet on April 13.

The young man was on a platform near a bakery in the Nariño district (Tuluá), when he was the victim of a stray bullet during an attack directed at another individual. Two attackers aboard a motorcycle opened fire, hitting López, who was not the target of the hitmen.

A stray bullet extinguished the dreams of a promising young soccer player in Tuluá – credit iStock

Lieutenant Colonel Yovanni Cepeda, deputy commander of the Valle Police, explained that the incident occurred at night, while the minor was enjoying a moment with friends in front of a public establishment.

Despite being quickly transferred to the Rubén Cruz Vélez hospital due to serious injuries, Camilo López died at the medical center. For its part, the Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Prosecutor’s Office carried out a technical inspection of the body, confirming the cause of death due to gunshot wounds.

“According to what was stated by the community, the events occurred when the victim was sitting on the bakery platform with other people, where two male people on a motorcycle arrived and shot repeatedly, injuring the teenager. “said the official report of the crime, reviewed by Time.

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