IU La Rioja supports the candidacy of Sira Rego to lead the coalition

Four candidates will compete for the leadership of IU in the next federal assembly, after the departure of former coordinator Alberto Garzón after last night, the last day of the deadline, they registered their respective teams with militancy endorsements and after attempts to reach a consensus on a list of unit for the new direction.

The candidacies are that of the Minister of Youth and Children, Sira Rego, with the candidacy ‘Up those who fight’ – which has the support of Diego Mendiola, coordinator of IU in La Rioja -; from the former leader of the Andalusian federation Antonio Maíllo with his list ‘It’s worth fighting’; from the autonomous coordinator of Madrid, Álvaro Aguilera, with the motto ‘IU at the crossroads’ and from the representative of the critical sector to the current leadership José Antonio García Rubio, with his list ‘The necessary left’.

These had to be endorsed by a minimum of 2% of the membership and the training has reported that all applicants have presented the documentation, although now a period for correcting incidents and verifying documentation is opening that will conclude this Friday, when they will proceed. to the formal proclamation of the lists.

The team led by Maíllo has claimed that they have presented the largest number of endorsements with 963 militants who have given their support in this phase. According to this candidacy, he assumes that this list has concentrated 40% of the total endorsements received. The organization nor the rest of the list have offered information on affiliate support.

Once the candidacies have been formally proclaimed, a brief internal electoral campaign will be opened, which will be followed by the voting period, scheduled between May 7 and 12, which includes the first days of ‘online’ voting and the last ones with the possibility as well. of in-person voting at the ballot box.

IU members will be able to exercise their right to vote both for the new composition of the highest management body between assemblies, and for the rest of the bodies that are traditionally elected by this procedure, that is, the Federal Commission of Arbitration and Democratic Guarantees and the Financial Control Commission.

Last Monday there was a meeting in extremis, called at Rego’s request, to try to achieve a consensus and raised the option of extending the deadline for another 48 hours to formalize the candidacies and speed up the negotiation, offering a unity list with representatives of the four pre-candidacies.

However, the meeting ended without an agreement and made clear the current distance between Rego and Maíllo, whose sectors were grouped in the current leadership but which have fractured after months of negotiation for an agreement for the assembly. The Federal Collegiate of IU (its executive) decided not to extend the deadline further.

Rego: list with several community leaders

The Minister of Youth and Children presents a list that includes as its number two the historic Andalusian leader Antonio Torrijos, founder of CC OO Andalucía and former deputy mayor of Seville.

Likewise, it brings together various IU regional coordinators (Rosa Pérez, from País Valencià; Álvaro Sanz, from Aragón; Nuria Lozano, from Catalunya; José Luis Álvarez-Castellano, from the Region of Murcia; Pedro César Mellado, from Castilla-La Mancha; and Diego Mendiola, from La Rioja) and provincial coordinators. And at the state level, the Secretary of State for Youth and Children, Rubén Pérez, the deputy Nahuel González and former senator Vanessa Angustia stand out.

Andalusia turns to Maíllo

Looking ahead to the Assembly, Maíllo has formalized his candidacy and his list for the Federal Coordinator of IU with prominent positions in the organization such as the general secretary of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, the co-spokesperson of the leadership, Amanda Meyer, the MEP Manu Pineda, the deputy in Congress Engracia Rivera, the spokesperson for the ‘For Andalusia’ coalition in the regional parliament, Inma Nieto, or the regional deputy in Euskadi Jon Hernández, among others.

The candidacy highlights that it has relevant support from the federations of Andalusia and Asturias, which are the largest within the organization and has Beatriz González as its number two, who is also the vice-counsellor of Citizen Rights of the Asturian Government led by the leader. autonomous community of IU, Ovidio Zapico.

García Rubio, supported by Cayo Lara

Meanwhile, García Rubio represents the sector critical of the current leadership, which achieved 20% of the organization’s support in the previous assembly, and has registered an amendment to the political presentation that questions the current alliance with Sumar, just as it did with Podemos .

Under the current ‘The necessary left’ the candidacy is symbolically closed by the former IU representative in Congress Roser Maestro, the former federal coordinator Cayo Lara (with whom García Rubio was in his executive) and the mayor of Zamora, Francisco Guaridó. The first places on their list are occupied by Rosa Albert Berlanga (Valencia), Joaquín Iborra (Madrid) and Cyntia Lara (Castilla La Mancha).

Aguilera, critical of Sumar

Meanwhile, Aguilera has at the top of her list, under the motto ‘IU at the crossroads’, the ex-edile in Cartagena (Murcia) Aroha Nicolás; the councilor in Jerez de la Frontera and provincial secretary of the PCE in Cádiz, Raúl Ruiz Berdejo; the Secretary of Organization of IU Zaragoza, Carlota Vicente; the provincial coordinator of IU Segovia, Carlos Serrano; the trade unionist and member of IU Extremadura, Carmen Sevilla; the former coordinator of IU Córdoba Pedro García; and the spokesperson for IU Madrid, Carolina Cordero, among others.

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