How much will the 1,384 abandoned houses in the City pay in surcharge?

Those people who have uninhabited properties in City will have to pay an extra in the municipal tax, as established by an ordinance approved by the Deliberative Council and promoted by the Mayor Ulpiano Suarez.

According to municipal sources, the objective is to deactivate potential holdouts or encroachments. They affirm that it is not for revenue purposes, but rather to enhance security.

The numbers

In the City of Mendoza there are 1,384 uninhabited properties, between homes and commercial premises, distributed in all sections. AND 1,064 buckets out of a total of 1.2 million lots that the municipality has. The owners of these properties must pay double municipal rates.

In the City there are 1,384 abandoned houses.

There is exceptions: properties in the process of renovation or improvements, those offered for rent or sale for a limited period, and vacancy situations justified by causes of force majeure, will not be affected by this measure.

Beyond the problem of insecurity, the data also exposes the housing deficit that the province has. Approximately, 110,000 houses are missing in Mendoza, according to data from RENHABIT, which aggregates housing requests made by families in the municipalities.

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In the 2010 census, 28.2% of the houses in the City were unoccupied. Over the years, the evolution of the state of the situation has been slow since, according to the last census of 2022, only 48% of the inhabitants of the commune have a home.

The surcharges will be collected after a reform of the City’s tax code.

About the application of the surcharge

The new ordinance will be applied based on a census carried out in each section, carried out by municipal inspectors who will be supported by complaints made by neighbors about empty properties in which there are suspicions that it is a “holding ground.” For the collection of es plus, the HCD approved a reform in the Tax Code Township.


The Honorable City Deliberative Council.

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