The Chronic Disease Trailer will visit Acheral

The mobile unit that the Ministry of Public Health places at the service of the population, with the aim of improving accessibility to health, detecting diseases early and carrying out checks on people with chronic diseases, will be located from this Monday, 06 to 10 May, in the Caps de Acheral, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The trailer, by order of the Minister of Public Health, doctor Luis Medina Ruiztravels through the province at least twice a year, so that those people with chronic diseases or who present related symptoms can be controlled, monitored and entered into the corresponding program, guaranteeing treatment and access to medication.

The device has different specialists such as: cardiologist, clinical doctor, generalist, laboratory technician, biochemistry, nutritionist and PRIS Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases referents. These professionals are part of the strategy that is part of primary health care, with the aim of improving accessibility, especially in places where there are greater geographical barriers.

The circuit begins through weight and height controls, the body mass index is calculated, from there, it is referred to the doctor and nutritionist for counseling and for general treatment. In addition, the laboratory is carried out with the basic controls that the patient must complete. Those who, from there, are diagnosed with a chronic non-communicable disease, receive their initial treatment and are referred to the corresponding health provider.

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