“The bank scam continues” – ADN

“The bank scam continues” – ADN
“The bank scam continues” – ADN

(ADN).- Tomorrow at 6:00 p.m., the national group of self-convened UVA mortgage holders will march in all the cities of the country to make visible “the situation of mortgaged families is becoming more desperate every day.” In the city of Buenos Aires the concentration will be in Congress. In Río Negro the points will be defined in the next few hours.

«Inflation, although declining in recent months, continues to affect the income and dreams of more than 100,000 Argentine families. The fees and the capital owed continue to grow uninterruptedly while salaries do not keep up,” the space indicated. «Today there are families with more than 60% of their income allocated to paying the fee, and more and more have decided to stop paying. To make matters worse, the government together with the banks, taking advantage of the desperation of Argentines due to the distressing situation, seek to insist on the relaunch of Mortgage Loans in UVA, which have already proven to be a scam and which is only business for the financial sector and real estate.

Through a document, those self-convened demanded: «We need a restructuring of current and future credits so that they are sustainable over time:
-Suspension of executions
-Protection against dismissals
-Limit the credit rate to 3.5%
-Go back and recalculate the debt to August 2019.

“For this reason, on Tuesday, May 7 at 6 p.m. throughout the country, the UVA Mortgages mobilized for our homes,” they announced.

Finally, they expressed: «Working families are at risk of losing our homes due to unpayable payments and a huge debt that increases day by day. Given the lack of commitment from the political sector, we came out to defend what is ours and tell citizens not to be victims of these new credits relaunched by the banks.


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