What changes would be made at the Tucumán airport

What changes would be made at the Tucumán airport
What changes would be made at the Tucumán airport

The province is once again on the map of works to be carried out by the Regulatory Body of the National Airport System. What did Jaldo say?

The governor, Osvaldo Jaldoshared details about his recent trip to Buenos Aires, where he held important events for the benefit of the province such as the remodeling of the Benjamín Matienzo Airport.

During a press conference, Jaldo began by expressing his concern about the economic and social situation in the country, highlighting indicators such as inflation that affected the salaries of public and private employees.

“The country is going through moments of important decision-making. We have a level of debt that compromises Argentina’s finances. The reserves had fallen to the point of becoming negative reserves in the Central Bank. And so many variables that we see that management began to improve in terms of macroeconomic variables,” he commented. He highlighted the need for macroeconomic improvements to translate into palpable benefits for the population.

Regarding the specific situation of Tucumán, the governor mentioned difficulties in local companies and the importance of boosting regional economies. “The harvest began with many difficulties and efforts, but it will be a harvest that will work and will employ a lot of labor in Tucumán, which is the great challenge: creating jobs,” he assured.


Jaldo said that, during his meeting with the Minister of the Interior of the Nation, Guillermo Francos, they discussed the need to move forward with the modernization of the Benjamín Matienzo Airport. “Today we only have two boarding gates, a single gate, and in the facilities, when there are more than three planes, there are people who are standing or left outside. We must recognize this to solve it,” he said.

It is worth remembering that almost five years ago the alternative of modernizing the surroundings of that airport complex had been considered. Now the project that, in 2017, was presented by the then governor, has been completely rejected. Juan Manzuron a design made by the remembered Tucumán architect Cesar Pelli. This initiative provided for the modernization of the airport based on three main oval-shaped buildings within which the departure hall, the arrivals hall and the commercial area will function.

Now, as LA GACETA was able to establish, it is planned to improve the entire interior of the current building and give greater dynamics to the exterior of these facilities.

Jaldo’s idea is that “Tucumans can wait and travel in better conditions.” “To promote tourism we have to prepare our access doors,” he said.

And he stressed: “Tucumán has priority. All the provinces ask to improve the airports. But we arrived at the right time and we are among the priorities, not to mention the first province where the airport will begin to be renovated.”

Base Law

Another topic to be discussed at this meeting was the benefits that the application of the Base Law will mean for the Nation and the provinces, which seeks to strengthen the fiscal situation and allow the laundering of undeclared funds, as well as the tax moratorium and modifications in the tax. to profits, measures that are expected to have a positive impact on the province.

“It is essential that these measures not only benefit at the national level, but also contribute to the development and well-being of our province,” Jaldo emphasized, underlining the importance of working together with the national government to face current challenges and improve the quality of life of the Tucumans.

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