CDI workers continue the demand for building works

CDI workers continue the demand for building works
CDI workers continue the demand for building works

On April 26, the provincial government admitted that the CDI of Neuquén are not in optimal conditions to protect children and they promised that “in the short term” the Heidi, Hue Quiñe, Ruca Cayún, Belén and Don Bosco CDIs would be reopened, after carrying out maintenance tasks. Although they did not specify the period of time, the workers continue with the claims since, for the moment, this has not happened.

Thus, the worker said that, Since 2006, every winter they have problems with heating. “We were waiting because in theory this arrangement was going to be made for the January recess and nothing. We keep waiting,” she said and said that “There are CDIs that have been closed for more than a year”.

Claudia Mesplatere, head of Family Coordination of the Province

Claudia Mesplatere recognized the serious shortcomings in buildings for children in Neuquén.

“When this new management takes over, we made a presentation of all the claims inherent to the centers throughout the province. Five months have passed since the new management and no means have been articulated to start functioning. The problem is that there are specific situations that they should not have any type of arrangement and they are not working, as is the case in Rincón de los Sauces, where they do not have to make any type of renovation, but they do not have funds. The person in charge is asking for donations to open the center and the facilities. funds do not arrive,” he explained.

Added to this situation are other inconveniences such as those in Picún Leufú, where “there is a Nation work that has been stopped for a long time.” “In Aluminé they built a new building that was inaugurated last year, but the work was not finished, which is why they are still not working and that is why they are going to have to start in the previous building, the old one,” he said. The worker said that these spaces “are adapted houses, as happens in most centers” and that the “own buildings are few.”

However, the most recurring problem is with the gas connection and old heaters. “There is no management action to resolve the problem,” he denounced.

Who goes to the CDI?

“We are in charge of children, we work with Law 2302, so we also understand that children’s rights are being violated. We are in charge of children whose parents have to go to work or children who have problems that today are adrift,” said Natalia.

In addition, he assured that he is caring for children in vulnerable situations and that more and more people are coming to ask for vacancies and that they cannot provide solutions.

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