What position did Colombia end up in?

What position did Colombia end up in?
What position did Colombia end up in?

Traveling to new places not only involves getting to know the tourist attractions in the area, but also taking a tour of the gastronomy where it is possible to taste typical dishes, try unique flavors and even native products that are only found in that place. Besides, With cooking it is possible to delve into the culture of the inhabitants, as well as transporting yourself to the past and it is also “a way to know the DNA of a place,” explains the scientific magazine National Geographic.

Due to the relevance that food implies, different entities and experts make lists of the best culinary destinations in the world which, any food lover cannot miss; Therefore, below we share what they are and where Colombia ended up.

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5 best culinary destinations in the world

According to experts from National Geographic magazine, in the “There are certain places in the world where cuisine occupies a special place and to which you have to travel,” Well, there are countless flavors and textures that awaken each of the 10,000 taste buds located on the tongue. Therefore, it is important to mention which are the places that host the best cuisines so that those interested can travel and try unique dishes:

1. Japan:

The first position is occupied by this Asian country because its food “It is not only characterized by its flavor, but by being attractive, healthy for the most part and rich in culinary techniques,” says the magazine. Among the dishes that stand out the most are sushi, ramen, tempura, yakitori and okonomiyaki, the latter is an omelette that is filled with pork, seafood and a large amount of vegetables.

2. Argentina:

Argentine gastronomy is one of the most recognized in the world, especially for one of its most emblematic dishes: the roast, a preparation made with the highest quality cuts of meat, cooked on a grill; However, this is not the only recipe, since empanadas and choripanes are also added to it.

3. Peru:

This country in South America became for many years “one of the great gastronomic meccas of the world” that, every year, It receives millions of tourists willing to try its unique flavors. In addition, it has various restaurants that occupy important positions as the best in the world. Among the most representative dishes are ceviche, pachamanca, olluquito with charqui, among others.

4. Italy:

According to National Geographic experts, Italian gastronomy would be one of the most varied in the world; Furthermore, of course, being one of the most popular for its culinary tradition, Well, they still have dishes like pasta, ravioli, pizza, among others. Likewise, each dish is prepared with the highest quality standards because a variety of ingredients are added, as well as fresh herbs.

5. Colombia:

Like Italian food, Colombia has one of the gastronomies “most varied and richest in Latin America”, as explained by National Geographic because each of its regions houses unique dishes, since that of the Caribbean is very different from that of the Pacific, as well as that of the Andes, Amazonia and the Llanos. Additionally, this country is privileged for the amount of wealth existing in its products.

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