If controls are reduced, illegal maneuvers will begin

If controls are reduced, illegal maneuvers will begin
If controls are reduced, illegal maneuvers will begin

May 8, 2024 – 00:16

The head of the Automotive Registry 27002 Catamarca A, with exclusive jurisdiction in motorcycle vehicles, Javier Silva, commented that they have not yet received any formal notification about the closure of the registry offices. In the province there are 9 offices for these procedures and three are intervened for different reasons. Silva commented that there is a lot of ignorance about how it works and considered that the national government intends to demonize the entities. He maintained that the risk of the measure is that by relaxing controls and demands it is very likely that illegal maneuvers around vehicles will arise.

Last Friday, through a statement released by the Ministry of Justice of the Nation, the Government confirmed the closure of 40% of the Automotive Registries, starting with those that have been intervened for more than two years and continuing “for the remaining intervened” .

“We do not have any instruments and this generates enormous uncertainty in those in charge and also in the registry employees,” he said in statements to the program Mañana es hoy (Radio Ancasti).

Silva tried to debunk some of the myths that exist regarding how the registries work. “Although it is a public organization, we have private management. It is true that there is a captive audience for those who are going to register and carry out the procedure, but 100% of the expenses they demand are supported by those in charge of the records, both the employees and the supplies that are acquired for the registration. works. Neither the manager nor the employees are public employees nor do they receive a salary from the State, but everything is done with the collection,” he explained.

“There are many registries that are quite complicated with respect to numbers, in some cases costs are covered, in other cases, not. So, the situation is difficult added to this demonization that was generated from the Registries where it seems that we were one of the causes of the situation in the country,” he added.

On the other hand, Silva clarified regarding the collection they carry out for the procedures for the registration or transfer of vehicles. “Obviously people out there get upset and angry about the costs when they go to register or transfer a car, but here there is an issue that no one tells them and that is that we are collecting entities and the largest percentage of that money is collected is for the State in any of its forms: Nation, province or municipalities.”

In this framework, he gave as an example that of every $10 that enters the Registry, seven is for real estate tax and fines that are provincial or municipal and of the other three that remain, $2 goes to the national State and only $1 remains for the person in charge of the Registry. Registration for management that involves paying salaries, paying contributions, purchasing supplies and sustaining the registration activity.

Later, the head of the Registry in charge of motor vehicles warned about the risks of making controls more flexible. “If the quality of control is lowered, everything illegal will begin to emerge in the automotive trade, such as the sale of black auto parts, twin cars and a whole business that is around the corner, which today is reduced to the smallest expression, but people don’t realize it until it happens,” he said.

Records in Catamarca

In Catamarca there are nine Automotive Registries. In Capital, which is the largest jurisdiction, there are four for cars and one for motorcycles. Then there is one in Tinogasta, one in Santa María, another in Andalgalá and one in Recreo.

Those that are intervened are Recreo, which is headed by Ema Díaz de Garbe, and two from Capital.

Each of the offices has an average of 8 to 10 employees with an average tenure of ten years. Silva said that a measure like the one announced not only affects direct employment but also indirect employment that is generated through registration activity.n


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