115 young people in Casanare completed their military service with academic scholarships and job opportunities

The benefits for these 115 young people were granted by educational institutions and private companies in Casanare.

Obtaining academic scholarships from 60% to 100%, and job opportunities from educational institutions and private companies, 79 men and 36 women between 18 and 24 years old finished their military service in the Sixteenth Brigade of the National Army in Casanare.

The benefits for these 115 young people were granted by the Technical Studies Foundation (FUNDETC), the Thomas Hobbes Educational Corporation, the ATS Security Academy, the Casanare Mayor Polytechnic, the LingoYes Language Academy, the Ramón Nonato Pérez Technical Institute and the companies Servisara and DirecTv.

At the military discharge ceremony of the fourth contingent of the year 2022 and the second of the year 2023, the entities that granted these benefits awarded the last 100% scholarships to 16 young people, with the purpose of allowing them to pursue technical and technological programs free and exalt their commitment to the security of the region.

At the event, four young men were recognized by the Sixteenth Brigade with the Juan Bautista Solarte Obando Medal for being the best soldiers in their contingents and their excellent work during this process.

“I am very proud to have achieved all these achievements because they represent for me the effort that every day in these 18 months has shown that the person who arrived comes out with more value. Thank you for all the National Army”: Elkin David Suárez Maldonado, graduate of the Combat Support and Services Battalion (BASPC16).

The National Army reiterates the invitation to men and women from the department of Casanare to provide their mandatory and voluntary military service, and thus obtain opportunities that help them build a better future.


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