They celebrate the anniversary of the Cuban dance company (+Photo)

They celebrate the anniversary of the Cuban dance company (+Photo)
They celebrate the anniversary of the Cuban dance company (+Photo)

“Enreda2. Come and dance in this network!” will be the title of the day that will take place from the 17th to the 19th of this month in several of the heritage spaces of this city, connected with artistic education as one of its main characteristics.

In a press conference, Lizandra Gómez, director of the Contemporary Ballet, expressed that “long work since 2014 has led us to now be a repertoire company and has allowed us to share with important international choreographers.”

In the constant search for connectivity between people, Enreda2 will be a premiere show that will be based on jazz in the melody.

“How to enjoy jazz with its different nuances! The piece takes you away from social networks to create stories of love and connection,” says Gómez.

Although it begins on the 17th, a collateral program will begin on the 10th at the institution’s headquarters, with a master class taught by the teacher and dancer Jesús Arias.

The protagonist expressed that “this class is to connect the schools with the company so that they can see how many ways you have to expand with these groups, especially with the Contemporary.”

The various concerns of Cuban choreographers are addressed in this type of event that also extends after the celebration of the Choreographic Contest in homage to Maestro Fernando Alonso on his 110th birthday, also held in Camagüey.

Precisely, the young dancers responded to Enreda2’s call, and this was expressed by several of the members of the company, pleased with the opportunity.

The idea of ​​making the Contemporary Ballet “explode” in symbiosis with the public is one of the basic premises on this occasion for its members, protagonists of Enreda2, a proposal for the enjoyment of Cuban culture.



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