Communes of Aysén collect $111 million pesos for circulation permits

Communes of Aysén collect $111 million pesos for circulation permits
Communes of Aysén collect $111 million pesos for circulation permits

Carretera Austral, Cerro Castillo

Cochrane, Río Ibáñez, Tortel, O’Higgins, Cisnes, Guaitecas and Chile Chico totaled $111,315,915 million, within the framework of the Get Your Rural Permit 2024 program.

Aysén.- “Saca Tu Permiso Rural” successfully concluded its fourth version of the campaign led by Balloon Latam, Communities Portal of the Protected Areas of Chilean Patagonia, in alliance with SOAP Firefighters, which promotes the transfer of the 2024 circulation permit to various rural communities in our country.
Of the total benefit that this 2024 version meant for Chilean Patagonia, of $244,740,895 million, $111,315,915 million corresponded to the 7 communes of the Aysén Region that participated in the initiative again in 2024. Thus, Cochrane, Río Ibáñez, Tortel, O’Higgins, Cisnes, Guaitecas and Chile Chico raised almost double what was obtained in 2023, which amounted to $69,770,855 million.
Río Ibáñez became the second commune in Patagonia with the highest income for this concept and the first in Aysén, with a record figure of $37,466,024 million, followed by Cochrane, with $26,746,032 million; Tortel, with $25,742,592 million; O’Higgins, with $13,392,329 million; Guaitecas, with $3,954,475; Swans, with $3,749,865; and Chile Chico, with $264,598 pesos, income that will directly benefit the aforementioned municipalities and their communities.
Juan Saldivia, mayor of Río Ibáñez, pointed out that “we are deeply grateful to the drivers who decided to pay for their driving license in our commune, giving us a direct economic benefit through this tremendous initiative. Likewise, we highlight the work of Balloon Latam in its purpose of generating strategies that mean more resources for rural sectors like ours. These resources, without a doubt, will allow us to execute projects focused on the development of our community.”
For his part, Mayor José Fica of the O’Higgins commune pointed out that “this STPR initiative has been a contribution in obtaining fresh resources for our municipality; in general, small municipalities have few resources and this is a way of add budget for the actions we carry out for the benefit of our neighbors; We are in our second year and the increase in income was considerable, so we also urge other municipalities to join the initiative.”
José Hirmas, commercial director and alliances of Balloon Latam, indicated, for his part, that: “For the fourth consecutive year, Get Your Rural Permit is positioned as a social initiative to support different rural communities throughout Chile, providing a direct benefit. to the municipal budget for the development of initiatives that promote the well-being and sustainable development of the community. This year we managed to transfer more than 461 million pesos (direct benefit) to 20 communes in Chile, which translates into resounding success.”
Germaynee Vela-Ruiz, general coordinator of the Portal Communities Strategy of the Protected Areas of Chilean Patagonia, indicated that “this year 13 municipalities in the regions of Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes participated in Get Your Rural Permit, receiving as a direct benefit more than $244 million pesos. This will allow municipalities to implement actions that contribute to social and environmental well-being, in communes that today have the largest surface area of ​​terrestrial and marine protected areas in the country.”
83% of Chile’s territory is rural. The spirit of the campaign is to contribute to decentralization, empowering the citizen driver and giving a social meaning to company fleets, to transfer the payment of the driving license to rural communes. In this way, 37.5% of the paid driving license stays in the place chosen by the driver, becoming a concrete and direct action for the sustainable development of the country, contributing to the protection of those most neglected communities and territories. .
In 2025, again, “Get your rural permit” will give the option to support a rural commune through the payment of the driving license, inviting all drivers to start the year with a direct social impact and opening the doors to more collaborators to be part of this initiative.

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