The INA denies that water from southeast Brazil reaches Entre Ríos

The INA denies that water from southeast Brazil reaches Entre Ríos
The INA denies that water from southeast Brazil reaches Entre Ríos

The hydrologist and member of the National Water Institute –INA-, Juan Borús, ruled out that the water from the rains that fall in the southeast of Brazil will reach Entre Ríos, since that area will drain into the Atlantic Ocean and Uruguay. The behavior of Uruguay River responds to what is happening in the upper and middle basin with “calmer” forecasts.

Regarding the Uruguay River, he reported that “the expected flood is developing”. “We continue to maintain a similarity with what happened at the end of spring of last year, with a longer term perspective better, calmer than last year“, he said, in dialogue with Radio Plaza.

Crescent of the Uruguay River

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“We are now almost defining the peak of Paso de los Libres on the Corrientes side of the Uruguay River. Last year it was 11.87 towards the end of November and now we are defining a peak of 10.50, that is, one meter thirty less than it was last year and with a calmer forecast for the future,” he noted.

Borús recalled that last year the rains continued, with a different forecast for the middle and upper basin of greater volumes of precipitation. Instead, he said that “the situation today is better.” “The rains have dissipated,” she noted.

Regarding what is happening in Brazil, he clarified that “ The activity is more concentrated in the lower basin, on the Rio Grande Do Sul, in the eastern half where the serious problem was, which is the area on the slope towards the Atlantic and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay..

Listen to what the hydrologist from the National Water Institute said

Embed – Radio Plaza 94.7 on Instagram: “The hydrologist and member of the National Water Institute, Juan Burús, spoke with #LoTuyoYaSale regarding the flooding of the Uruguay River that affects the city of Concordia and the crisis that is being experienced in the south of Brazil The specialist told @sebagalligo and @lau.molnar that, after this increase in flows, a peak will be reached very soon and then established.”



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