the new Japanese gastronomic experience in Córdoba

the new Japanese gastronomic experience in Córdoba
the new Japanese gastronomic experience in Córdoba
Beatriz Garcia

05/22/2024 9:57 p.m.

Córdoba enthusiastically welcomes the arrival of Buga Ramen, one of the most famous ramen franchises in Spain and Portugal. This new establishment promises an immersive experience in the world of anime and Japanese pop culture.

Strategically located on Córdoba Street in Veracruz, in front of the National Social Security Institute, Buga Ramen stands out for its unique atmosphere, inspired by the famous Akihabara neighborhood in Tokyo. With figures of iconic characters from series such as Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece, and a decoration full of references to these beloved franchises, the establishment seeks to transport its diners to the vibrant streets of Japan.

Buga Ramen menu

Buga Ramen’s menu is as diverse as it is tempting. Its star dish, ramenis presented in fifteen different varieties, each with its own distinctive character and flavor. Ramen lovers will be able to choose from a wide range of ingredients and broths, from traditional tonkatsu chicken to more innovative options such as panko prawns and kinchi sauce. In addition, the chain claims that its secret recipe is the key to offering “the perfect ramen.”

But ramen isn’t the only star at Buga Ramen. The menu also includes a selection of bao bread, gyozas and donburi, each one carefully crafted to satisfy the most varied tastes. Prices range from 4.80 euros for a bao bread to 14.80 euros for certain donburi dishes.

anime lovers

Inside Buga Ramen

Buga Ramen’s proposal is not limited only to food. The experience is designed to awaken the nostalgia and enthusiasm of anime fans. The screens and decorations alluding to Akihabara, combined with the theme of the animation series, create an atmosphere that attracts both young and old. This fusion between gastronomy and pop culture has turned Buga Ramen into a phenomenon on social networks, where numerous videos and photos of the new location in Córdoba are already circulating.

The combination of authentic flavors and a unique atmosphere makes Buga Ramen a must-see destination for lovers of Japanese cuisine and anime culture. With an offering that includes everything from ramen and gyozas to mochis and Japanese beers, the restaurant invites Cordoba residents to embark on a culinary and cultural journey without leaving the city.


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