unmissable options and lowest prices for skiing in winter 2024

Snow fell earlier than expected on the Río Negro and Neuquén mountain range and the region’s ski resorts celebrated covered in white. ANDn San Martín de los Andes they prepare the slopes. Cerro Chapelcohas a modern infrastructure with quality services that allow you to enjoy the mountains with varied experiences. Lago Hermoso Ski Resort It is the last hill enabled in the middle of the Route of the 7 lakes and the C4 snow park It opened last year and is a place designed for those who want to take their first steps in the snow.

While Cerro Catedral de Bariloche, one of the most popular ski centers in the country, established the price of daily passes at a value of 115 thousand pesos this winter season, Neuquén ski centers may have prices that provide a better opportunity.

20 km from San Martín de los Andes, south of Neuquén. 1,308 km from Buenos Aires. From Chapelco Airport, shuttle or taxi transfers are offered to San Martín de los Andes. From Buenos Aires there are more than 40 weekly flights, from Rosario 3.

C4 snow park: first steps in the snow

C4 is located in the Chapelco range. From that place bordering the base of the hill, within the Mapuche Curruhuínca community, a place to experience the snow, with the most wonderful views. They have not yet confirmed the opening date or the rates, but ask that you keep an eye on the networks for the 2024 season.

The C4 snow park is within the Mapuche Curruhuinca community and presents attractive proposals to enjoy the snow. Photos: @c4parquedenieve.

It offers family fun so you can relax on the deck while you see the little ones practicing up close. They offer skiing and snowboarding for beginners on a track, with a very safe means of lifting, a poma, which is a means of towing, which rises about 80 meters. There are guided snowshoe walks, with which you can go out to explore Chapelco Hill and reach a forest of languages.

The landscape is very beautiful, with views of Lanín, the mountain range. You can do snow tubbing and also the famous culipatines and donuts.

Available at https://c4parquedenieve.com/ On Instagram @c4parquedenieve.

Lago Hermoso Ski Resort

Lago Hermoso Ski Resort proposes attractions for skiers and snow lovers, among which stands out a quadruple chairlift that reaches the top of the hill, snowshoe walks to incredible places, excursions to a shelter straight out of a story, horseback riding through the snow and more.

ANDis located 25 minutes from San Martín. This is an initiative private driven in a ranch within the Lanín National Park.

In high season, for now the daily pass is sold for $49,000 higher and $39,000 lower, Pedestrian/Nordic/Traverse pass $19,900 major, $15,900 minor for July. All the info available at @lagohermososki

Chapelco Ski Resort, San Martin de los Andes

Chapelco, the ski center of San Martín de los Andes, has 28 slopes with slopes for all levels, 1600 hectares of skiable area and Back Bowls or off-piste, on descents from the summit, which culminate in Cerro Mocho (1850 m), where you can enjoy the view and taste Patagonian smoked meats, premium wines and local chocolates.

This year, the skier transport capacity was optimized and a high-quality piste grooming machine was purchased for the steepest slopes. It has a ski and snowboard school for all levels, as well as a highly recognized ski school adapted for people with different abilities.

The ski centers in Neuquén are preparing for the 2024 winter season after the recent snow storm in the southern part of the province. (Cerro Chapelco Archive)

Pre-sale is enabled from November 2023. The current rate for the senior day pass is $68,300 for peak season and for juniors, it costs $54,600. Low season, major daily: $54,600, minor daily: $43,700. mid season major daily: $61,400 minor daily $49,100.

Passes can be purchased with the flex mode, which is more expensive, but the days do not have to be consecutive. Additionally, through www.chapelco.com there are three interest-free installments.

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