They try to murder Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of La Gata, in a clinic in Barranquilla. There are two dead

The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police confirmed that the son of alias La Gata, Jorge Luis Alfonso López, was the victim of an attack at a medical center in the city. He was trying to negotiate with the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP).

Preliminarily, it was known that armed men disguised themselves as officials of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (Inpec) and tried to infiltrate his room. During that transit, several shots were fired.

The projectiles affected several people and two died, whose identity is yet to be established.

Mediclinic facilities, in the north of Barranquilla, where the attempted murder of La Gata’s son was committed. | Photo: Week.

It is worth remembering that Alfonso López was convicted of the murder of journalist Rafael Enrique Prins Velásquez, in Magangué, Bolívar. Recently, he had raised his voice to join the JEP.

Judicial sources confirmed to SEMANA that He presented health problems in his place of confinement and was referred to the IPS Medicliniclocated on Carrera 47, between streets 80 and 82.

Witnesses recounted the shocking moment: “Many shots were heard and one believed they were police, when shots were heard inside the clinic.”

One more recounted the seconds of anxiety: “They arrived in three trucks and two motorcycles. The motorcycles went into the wrong direction and the truck turned around, there were about seven guys who were dressed as police officers and one believed it was an operation, when the shooting broke out.”

Apparently, the hitmen had entered a wrong room and the staff guarding alias El Gatico confronted them to prevent the attack.

At the moment, the authorities activated a lock plan to locate those responsible for this event, since they managed to escape in private cars.

Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of Enilce López, known as ‘La Gata’. | Photo: Taken from social networks
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