the polar wave will reach its greatest splendor

Accumulated snow for the next 5 days according to our trusted model the ECMWF

Leonardo De Benedictis 05/23/2024 15:08 5 min

From the first hours of This Thursday the wind from the south began to prevail in most of central and southern Argentina, which already boosted a first thermal decline and an advance of the polar air mass towards the north.

This is already causing conditions of instability on the central portion of the country with some weak drizzles and intense storms over the extreme northeast of Argentina. For this reason, the National Meteorological Service maintains an alert for strong storms in the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones.

Meanwhile, also The Mendoza and San Juan mountain range remains under alertby presence of snowfallbut with the passage of early afternoon, this will dissipate and conditions will improve.

First cold snap during Saturday

From the early hours of Friday the wind from the south will drive the advance of the cold polar air mass throughout the central region of the country, promoting conditions of unstable weather over the coastal area of ​​the province of Buenos Aires.

Imminent arrival of polar cold in Argentina: these will be the most affected areas

Imminent arrival of polar cold in Argentina: these will be the most affected areas

As Friday progresses, The cold polar air mass will be located over the central portion of the country, establishing itself and generating conditions that, little by little, will stabilize. With these characteristics we will start the weekend, which will allow the thermal marks to be really very low over the center of the country on Saturday morning.

Between the most significant valueswe could highlight areas such as Sierra de la Ventana, Olavarría, Azul, Tandillocalities in which the lowest values ​​could be observed in the province of Buenos Aireswith largely negative records.


Meanwhile, areas like San Luis, La Pampa and even the south of Córdoba would also present temperatures below 0 ºC registering strong to very strong frosts. It is also expected that during friday night is observed a decrease in cloud coverwhich will allow that strong cooling during the night, enhancing the low thermal records of Saturday morning.

On Sunday the coldest moment will arrive for central Argentina

To the establish the polar air mass over the central portion of the country, it is expected that Sunday is the time of greatest cold weatherespecially in areas of Córdoba, Santa Fe, and south of Santiago del Estero.

Cold, Polar Wave, Argentina, Frost, Buenos Aires
Predicted temperature for the morning of Sunday, May 26 according to the ECMWF model.

These low thermal marks will cause the registration of frosts of varying intensitywith values ​​to be presented below 0 ºC. It is expected that also be the coldest time for areas northwest of Buenos Aires, north of La Pampa and south of Córdobapresenting values ​​even lower than Saturday.

Could Buenos Aires have a cold wave again this weekend, after more than a decade?

Could Buenos Aires have a cold wave again this weekend, after more than a decade?

The Temperatures will only begin to reestablish themselves from the first days of next weekespecially from Tuesday over the south of the Pampas region and the Wednesday in the center of the countryalthough it should be noted that it will remain within a cold context.

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