Belgrano defeated Argentinos Jrs. with one less man and continues adding June 2024

Belgrano defeated Argentinos Jrs. with one less man and continues adding June 2024
Belgrano defeated Argentinos Jrs. with one less man and continues adding June 2024

Alberdi is celebrating and it is no wonder. After last Wednesday’s historic victory against Inter de Porto Alegre, Belgrano They won again this Saturday and did so 1-0 against Argentinos Juniors, within the framework of the fourth round of the Professional League.

The victory has an extra value, since the Pirate played the entire second half with one man less due to the expulsion of Pablo Chavarría after 38 minutes of play, for a double warning.

The winning goal was scored 20 minutes into the second half by Gerónimo Heredia, a club youth who made his debut in the nets with this shirt.

First time:

On the first ball he touched, Belgrano produced a quick attack from the hand of Brayan Reyna, whose shot hit the arm of an Argentinos player and all of Alberdi claimed a penalty, but referee Facundo Tello ruled that it was nothing.

The Real team sought to recover the ball by pressing in the midfield, and this led to the game becoming frictional as the minutes passed and the yellow cards did not take long to arrive.

Midway through the first quarter of the game, Alejandro Rébola had a nice chance to open the scoring with a header, to which Ruso Rodríguez was attentive, and El Bicho immediately responded with a center from Montiel that Losada contained.

At 17′, Argentinos freed themselves from the pressure and Gondou finished from mid-range, demanding the Belgrano goalkeeper, who sent the ball to the corner to avoid the first.

The La Paternal team was in danger every time they attacked on the right side, and at 25 they had a nice chance with a header from Montiel that passed very close to the post. A few minutes later, at 28, Rolón recovered the ball in the middle of the field and was assisted by Chavarría who scored for the goal, but the visiting goalkeeper appeared again to keep his goal at zero.

The last minutes of the first half Argentinos took over the threads of the match, and between Lescano and Gondou they were close to the first cry but it took them a while to define and the “B” players had already retreated.

As Belgrano had no problems with the number of attacking players, he was left with ten men in the 39th minute. expulsion of Pablo Chavarría due to a double yellow card, he will miss the next game against Tigre.

Second time:

Being left with one less player, Belgrano came out in the second half more cautious and faced with the numerical disadvantage, he chose to take refuge in his area and wait to play on the counterattack.

Argentinos, for their part, took possession of the ball and tried to open the playing field to find attacking spaces.

When it seemed that the Bug’s goal was about to fall, Gerónimo Heredia appeared to finish at the edge of the area and open the scoring in favor of the Pirate. First goal for the youth in 13 games with the Belgrano shirt.

After the goal Belgrano got back into the game, and was encouraged to attack more by sending balls to Matías Suárez. Meanwhile, Argentinos were looking for a tie by all means.

At the end, at 39’ST, the “B” had the second but Longo’s shot hit the crossbar.

Finally, despite Argentinos’ efforts to equalize, Belgrano ended up winning 1-0.

Initial formations:

Belgrano: Nahuel Losada; Alejandro Rébola, Marino Troilo, Agustín Baldi; Juan Barinaga, Santiago Longo, Esteban Rolón, Juan Velázquez; Francisco González Metilli; Brayan Reyna; Pablo Chavarría.

Argentinos Juniors: Diego Rodríguez; Erik Godoy, Jonatan Galván, Román Vega; Thiago Santamaría, Nicolás Oroz, Ariel Gamarra; Emiliano Viveros, Santiago Montiel, Alan Lescano; Luciano Gondou.

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