Members of a gang dedicated to the sale of brownies, cookies and marijuana cakes in Bucaramanga are sent to prison

Six people who made up the criminal group ‘Los Brothers’ were sent to a detention center for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing and carrying narcotics. They offered the products on social networks and educational centers in Bucaramanga.

Photo: supplied Mebuc Police / VANGUARDIA.

According to the information provided by the Prosecutor’s Office in Santander, six people were placed under security measures when it was found that they were selling brownies, cookies, cakes, among other products, contaminated with marijuana.

In addition, they would be dedicated to the manufacture of ‘tusi’ or pink marijuana, a drug that results from the combination of substances such as ketamine, LSD or MDMA that is dyed with pink dye.

Those prosecuted for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing and carrying narcotics were Jonathan Yesid Puentes, Nicolás Macías Beltrán, Axel René López, Luis Alberto Rueda, Manuel Andrés Donado and Salomón Acuña.

“They offered the groceries through social networks, especially WhatsApp, and distributed them at home in locations in Bucaramanga and its metropolitan area. In many cases the substances were delivered to minors. “They used public transport vehicles to evade the control of the authorities,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

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Photo: supplied Mebuc Police / VANGUARDIA.

At the time of the arrests and raids, more than 330 grams of narcotics were seized, including cocaine, coca base and marijuana, cash, four firearm cartridges, two mobile devices, a gramera and other elements used for the preparation of edible products.

According to the commander of the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police, Mebuc, Colonel Henry Yesid Bello Cubides, the investigations began thanks to the complaint of a mother.

“A citizen came to the Sijin facilities to report the marketing of chocolates with marijuana in educational settings. From there we put in place a special component of investigators that allowed us to individualize and identify the members of the criminal group,” said the Mebuc commander.

The investigation also established that the illicit income yielded profits for the organization that would exceed three million pesos per day.

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