results of today’s Nocturna, June 13, 2024

Each draw is carried out before a notary public, from the Drawing Room of the Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos located on Avenida San Martín and Brasil, Godoy Cruz, Mendoza.

Mendoza Lottery: results of today’s Nocturna, June 13

To the head: 4150

All the numbers according to the order in which they were left:

  • 1:4150
  • 2: 1916
  • 3:7028
  • 4:7155
  • 5:7092
  • 6:7563
  • 7:4059
  • 8:3160
  • 9:1604
  • 10:9224
  • 11:2629
  • 12:7361
  • 13:7665
  • 14:7967
  • 15:9309
  • 16:2696
  • 17: 1940
  • 18:6705
  • 19:2738
  • 20:3132

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Mendoza Quiniela Results: The Preview of June 13, 2024

The Preview.jpg

Mendoza Lottery Results: La Primera on June 13, 2024

The First.jpg

Mendoza Quiniela Results: La Matutina of June 13, 2024

The Morning.jpg

Mendoza Quiniela Results: La Vespertina of June 13, 2024

La Vespertina.jpg


What is the Quiniela?

The pool is the most popular game of chance in Argentina. It consists of a contest of plays, understood as the association of a risk with an amount of money, subject to prizes, determined by one or more drawings. A bet on this game is considered the quotient between the amount bet and the extent of the play.

Mendoza Quiniela: where the draw is broadcast

The transmission is via streaming and it will be done during the five daily draws that the Mendoza Quiniela has.

They can be seen on the YouTube channel of the Mendoza Provincial Institute of Games and Casinos:

What are the hours of the Mendoza Quiniela?

The Mendoza Lottery is drawn from Monday to Saturday at the following times:

  • Previously, at 10.15
  • First, at 12
  • Morning, at 3 p.m.
  • Evening, at 6:00 p.m.
  • Night, at 9 p.m.


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