A prototype is developed at the UASLP to monitor asthma in children – El Sol de San Luis

A prototype is developed at the UASLP to monitor asthma in children – El Sol de San Luis
A prototype is developed at the UASLP to monitor asthma in children – El Sol de San Luis

According to data from the Health Secretary of the Federal Government, in this country, 8.5 million people live with asthma, a chronic respiratory disease that until before Covid-19 was the first cause of attention in the Emergency Department, because it is not diagnosed or treated in time. Unfortunately, children are part of these figures; that is why in the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP) a prototype is developed to monitor existing cases.

That same National Health System also indicates that the most affected sector It is the one found in the age range of 5 to 14 years, the cases occur equally in girls and boys, but as the years go by, there is a prevalence of two to one in women, due to the genetics and hormonal changes.

Today the young people Martín Javier Espinosa Quintanilla and Luis Francisco Piña Sandoval from the career of Mechatronics Engineering which is taught in the Multidisciplinary Academic Unit Altiplano Region (UAMRA) of the UASLP develop a research project called “Asmigo”which is a design of the innovative monitoring system for children with asthma, different sensors were used to measure air, pollution, oxygenation and allergens, with the aim of detecting and alerting parents about these problems.

This prototype has several options and Parents can access an alarm system to know if the air quality is suitable or not for the child, is designed to alert and be ready for the event. It is a project that was worked on in a multidisciplinary manner with technology applied within the health area.

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With the development of this idea they currently presume that they obtained honorific mention in the poster category at the undergraduate level, at the fourteenth National and fourth International Congress of Technology Applied to Health Sciences.

In this project, the students had the support of Raquel Ávila Rodríguez, professor of the Mechatronics Engineering program at the Matehuala campus, and with the collaboration of pediatrician Elizabeth Ávila Ruiz del Children’s and Women’s Hospital “Dr. Alberto López Beautiful” of the Health Services of the State Government.

The importance of working in the area of ​​health with engineering was highlighted, enriching the project with the participation of enthusiastic young people.

Luis Francisco Piña Sandoval, in the ninth semester of his Mechatronics Engineering degree, and Martín Javier Espinosa Quintanilla, in the sixth semester, commented that, since March, they began the design of the prototype, which has a 3d print in the shape of a cat, making it friendly for pediatric asthma patients.

Those responsible for the project are planning to patent it, and, in turn, make improvements so that it can move around the child’s room and make it more dynamic.

“Asmigo” will be presented at the science and technology event ExpoCiencias and in the exhibition of final projects of the Altiplano Region Multidisciplinary Academic Unit, as reported to the local press.

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