The x-ray of crime in the Belgrano and Mayoraz neighborhoods, from the perspective of the neighbors

The x-ray of crime in the Belgrano and Mayoraz neighborhoods, from the perspective of the neighbors
The x-ray of crime in the Belgrano and Mayoraz neighborhoods, from the perspective of the neighbors

The x-ray of crime in the Belgrano and Mayoraz neighborhoods, from the perspective of the neighbors

Last Thursday They murdered a man inside his home in Castelli and January 4, Belgrano neighborhood, at the hands of a criminal who entered armed. The victim was Walter Paglia47 years old, who In defense of his son he received a fatal stab wound.

Just five blocks from this event, during this Friday morning, a family discovered, upon waking up, that during the early morning thieves entered through a window and stole a backpack and a wallet. The criminal act occurred in Ángel Cassanello at 2600, in the Mayoraz neighborhood.

Belgrano neighborhood was also, crime scene in March 2023when the merchant Oscar Baños was brutally stabbed by a criminal who stole the cash register from his warehouse and escaped.

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Request for security in the Belgrano neighborhood

ONE Santa Fe

In this context, the residents of both neighborhoodswhich have been heavily affected by criminal activities in recent times, publicly expressed their concern for the situation and reaffirmed the need for justice to take action on the matter.

The vice president of the Belgrano neighborhood

The vice president of the Belgrano neighborhood association, Claudio Trotvilassured that “the neighborhood has been hit hard“The truth is that we don’t know what name to give to what’s happening” and continued: “They’ve been combing the neighborhood.”

In that sense, Trotvil maintained that the criminals “are escaping, sometimes from Guadalupe Oeste, Villa Elsa or other places. They come whipping anyone they find: to the unsuspecting neighbor, to the woman who is waiting for the bus, to the kids who come home from studying.

We see people who we don’t know what’s up, appear out of nowhere on motorcycles. Now we are also having these groups of between five and six kicking down gates. We also managed to see them in one of the images that was publicly known on several networks,” commented the concerned neighborhood vice president. in dialogue with LT10.

With respect to actions of security forces, said: “We see that they pass through Facundo Zuviría. From time to time they pass here through Unión, which is the place where we have the workday, where the neighborhood is also, but not in a massive way.” Then he clarified: “In the streets we almost never see them.”

“I told the authorities that there was very little patrolling and they showed us on a giant monitor that each patrol car has a GPS and the times they pass are known,” said the resident. In this regard, he said: “I told them that I am observing my neighborhood and I do not see the patrolman passing by, neither on January 4, nor on Urquiza, nor on Alberti.”

The situation in the Mayoraz neighborhood

For its part, Gustavo Sartinmember of the Mayoraz neighborhood, defined the current state of the neighborhood as a “fight” and stated: “We are waiting to see what strategies the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police and the Ministry of Security are going to carry out.” In the same sense, he stated that The neighbors are waiting for a call from the Ministry of Securityto deal with problems by district.

Sartín also explained: “People no longer know what to do; because you set an alarm, you put a gate, you put everything you have to put in and they don’t. It’s like It seems that an eye of intelligence is missing”. Besides, focused on the situation in the Mayoraz neighborhood: “We have a very weak part, which is the part of the roadblock and the cycle path. If we do not deal with it by district, we will never find a solution to what we are experiencing.”

Regarding the expectations they have regarding the actions of the authorities, the neighborhood representative was blunt and said: “I in what I focus on the work of prosecutors because there are few prosecutors and few resources.“. In the same sense he questioned: “What resources does the prosecution have? What resources do the police have in the investigation part? Because we are always looking at drug crimes, the drug trafficking part, the most complex crimes, but predatory crimes continue to be more unpunished and are advancing in scale“.

The neighborhood representative clarified that he “He does not believe that Santa Fe is a criminal factory”. He spoke about what the city needs to face this situation and stressed: “That the police have the support of justice. The Minister of Security has to start meeting with his peers, and start giving recourse to what is below.” “.

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