Donald Trump is forceful about the presence of the Russian flotilla in Cuba

Donald Trump is forceful about the presence of the Russian flotilla in Cuba
Donald Trump is forceful about the presence of the Russian flotilla in Cuba

The ex-president donald trump attacked the Biden Administration more than once in the last few hours for allowing a Russian Navy flotilla to roam US waters, and concluded that Putin does not respect the current American president.

“We don’t want to see Russian ships off the coast of Florida (southeast), which is where they are right now. “That is inconceivable.”The magnate said Thursday at a press conference after meeting with Republican Party lawmakers in Washington.

Trump returned to the issue this Friday at an event in the city of West Palm Beach where he celebrated his 78th birthday.

“We now have Russian warships and nuclear submarines surrounding Cuba, 60 miles off the coast of Florida. How does that make you feel? Do you feel good about that? And that’s only because Biden’s weakness is putting us in grave danger.”he reiterated.

“Putin doesn’t respect him. No foreign leader has respect for him.”he stated in reference to Biden.

The Russian Navy flotilla It arrived in Havana on June 12 and will remain in the waters of Havana Bay until June 17.

The flotilla includes the fleet oil tanker Pashin, the salvage tug Nikolai Chiker (SB-131); the modern frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, and the nuclear submarine K-561 Kazan.

The day after the arrival, June 13, the United States Southern Command reported the arrival of the nuclear submarine USS Helena to Guantanamo Bay, in a move he described as a “routine port visit.”

The Cuban Government admitted this Friday that it was informed in advance of the arrival of the US nuclear submarine in the Guantánamo Naval Bay area, and specified that it does not like the presence in national territory of a “means of that nature”, belonging to a “hostile” power to the island, which has also not been invited.

On Wednesday the The United States government had already deployed several warships and an underwater reconnaissance plane to track the course of the Russian flotilla heading to Cuba. The American deployment included two destroyers, USS Truxtun and USS Donald Cook; the Coast Guard Stone; and a Boeing P-8 maritime patrol aircraft.

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