How the new hit of the Argentine National Team for the Copa América 2024 came about :: Olé

How the new hit of the Argentine National Team for the Copa América 2024 came about :: Olé
How the new hit of the Argentine National Team for the Copa América 2024 came about :: Olé

06/15/2024 3:46 p.m.

“Winning another cup with Leo is what I imagine…” sang the Argentine National Team, after the 4-1 victory against Guatemala. And the video, which was uploaded by Rodrigo De Paul to his Instagram stories, It went viral quickly through social networks, because that topic, until now, had not been heard. But, what is your story?

The song was made by Palmito, an influencer and musician who covered Callejeros’ “Intoxicados” and added encouraging lyrics to it for the Scaloneta. It was on TikTok, more than a month ago, where he recorded himself with a guitar and sang that song.

Given the very good reception from the people, he changed different words until reaching his final version. And the rapid viralization of the video caused it to reach, of course, the Argentine National Team, but it would not be until this Saturday that the song exploded after De Paul shared the video of the entire Scaloneta singing it.

“They just sent me a story from Rodrigo De Paul that the Argentine National Team is singing my song on the plane. I can’t believe it, friend, it’s here, the song is here. You can search for it on my profile for those who don’t know it. Help me, it could be crazy, I can’t believe it,” said the musician after De Paul uploaded the video to his networks.

This is not the first time that Palmito has gone viral for his songs: he had already done it in May of last year, when he invented one in relation to the difficulties of finding a rental, and another one in December, when he did one about the finals in a university degree.

Palito, the influential musician who created the new hit for the Argentine National Team for the Copa América 2024.

The video of the National Team to the rhythm of the song and of Palito singing it

What does the lyrics of the new hit of the National Team say?

Winning another Cup with Leo is what I imagine

To bring glory to Argentina from the United States

And show everyone what it means to be Argentine

And the Yankees can’t believe

Like Argentina 30 years later

Have the revenge that they owe to 10

The other fans in the world are not going to understand it

No matter where Argentina plays, I will be by your side

Leaving anything aside for the National Team

It doesn’t matter what FIFA says, what the newspapers say

The kids from Malvinas in heaven want to see us champion

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