The DNP reaffirms its commitment to the CRIC and the Special Mission for the Transformation of Cauca

The DNP reaffirms its commitment to the CRIC and the Special Mission for the Transformation of Cauca
The DNP reaffirms its commitment to the CRIC and the Special Mission for the Transformation of Cauca

popayán, June 15, 2024 (@DNP_Colombia). The National Government headed by the director of the National Planning Department (DNP), Alexander López Maya, together with members of the ministerial cabinet, government entities and the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC) met to follow up on the commitments of the session XXVII of the Joint Commission.

The meeting, which took place at the Autonomous Indigenous Intercultural University, located in the white city of Colombia, Popayán, and which was established in decree 1811 of 2017, was held with the aim of complying with the action plan and the established commitments with the CRIC.

During the session, the director of the DNP not only rejected the violent acts committed by groups outside the law in Cauca, but also reaffirmed the commitment of the Government of Change with Total Peace and with the substitution of crops to advance in a real territorial transformation that brings development, opportunities, equality and social justice to this area of ​​the country.

At the meeting, 24 government entities and ministries presented to the CRIC advisors the budget execution that has been carried out by the Government, which already reaches 34% execution, and the commitments for the remainder of this period in 2024.

“The DNP is committed to delivering real figures and not figures that will change soon due to adjustments that may occur due to changes in the projection of resources for the next term,” said López Maya.

In addition, the director reported that both the DNP and the ministries and entities will once again give the first advance of the Special Mission for territorial transformation and peace consolidation in the department of Cauca, next Friday, June 21 and Friday, June 27. June where we will begin to talk about the agreements with the CRIC for the next term.

The document agreed upon between the government and the CRIC included the CRIC proposal for $426,934 million, and partially agreed on the 2025 action plan of the II Four-Year Plan for a value of $238,688 million, in accordance with the disaggregation presented by the National Government on the 14th. June 2024 in session XXVII

However, no later than two weeks (in the session of June 27, 2024) the National Government will present to the Joint Commission the proposed 2025 action plan of the Second Four-Year Plan.

During this time, the National Government entities will work internally in order to achieve or exceed the proposal presented by the CRIC. And the figure agreed upon within the framework of the 2025 Action Plan (Decree 1811/2017) must be included in the draft General Budget of the Nation for the year 2025.

In this way, the DNP continues with its purpose of continuing to articulate the efforts of the Government of Change to work for the traditionally most forgotten territories and communities in the country, and to reorient policy and public investment towards those most in need. Building territories with more social justice and development for the ethnic population of Cauca is key to the #GobiernoDelChange.

It should be noted that during his participation in the CRIC Joint Commission, the director described as “historic” the approval in the Chamber and the Senate of the Pension Reform. He enthusiastically noted that this was a debt that the State had outstanding to protect the old age of the most vulnerable population in the country.​

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