Grabois attacked Petri for a military base in the south that generated a conflict with Chile

Grabois attacked Petri for a military base in the south that generated a conflict with Chile
Grabois attacked Petri for a military base in the south that generated a conflict with Chile


The social leader Juan Grabois He harshly charged against the Minister of Defense, Luis Petriafter it became known that an Argentine military installation in Tierra del Fuego It was located, in part, over three meters in Chilean territory, which led to the complaint from the country it presides over. Gabriel Boric.

“Petri’s silly puppet puts a military base in Chile because does not know the Argentine territory“, Grabois attacked on his X account and also echoed an article written by the former senator and Peronist diplomat Eric Calcagno in Argentinian time in which He wondered if Argentina could go to war with Russia after the Minister of Defense signed Argentina’s accession to the “Ukrainian Defense Contact Group.”

For Grabois, Petri is “playing war in Europedestroying our historical position of non-alignment and exposing ourselves to the consequences of conflicts in which we have nothing to gain.” “Bootlicker is not enough,” the social leader closed his message.

The founder of the Movement of Excluded Workers (MTE) echoed, in addition to Calcagno’s article, a publication by LA NACION in which he reports on the unusual controversy with the neighboring country. The Argentine Navy installed panels solar as part of the Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post Hito 1 of Magallanes, donated by the company Mirgor. However, not all of them were installed in the national territory.

The problem occurred because two of the panels crossed the border with Chile. The Argentine ambassador to Chile and former chancellor during the government of Mauricio Macri, Jorge Faurieacknowledged that “there was a mistake” by the Argentine Armed Forces.

“The Chilean Foreign Ministry informed me when I had a meeting yesterday about another issue and having become aware of this claim, we said that we were going to proceed with the withdrawal. It is a factual error“, the career diplomat explained to LA NACION.

Enhancement of the Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post Milestone 1Argentine Navy Press

Faurie also tried to dissociate the Argentine Armed Forces by saying that those who installed the devices are workers from the company founded by Nicolás Caputo. “The operators may not have consulted satellite coordinate indicationswhich would have been the most useful, but they installed them using a fence as a reference,” the former Minister of Foreign Affairs told this medium.

The second criticism that Grabois made of Petri was for Argentina’s clear position in favor of Ukraine in the war in which the country presided over by Volodymyr Zelensky has been facing, for more than two years, the nation led by Vladimir Putin.

In the article he published this Saturday, Calcagno recalled that the name “Ukrainian Defense Contact Group” is similar to the one used in the case of Libya and Syria in 2011 and 2012, respectively, and that they concluded with a group of countries , led by the United States, intervening in both armed conflicts with the “sending tanks, planes, ammunition, missiles, drones, military training, providing military intelligence”.

Calcagno, who was Argentina’s ambassador to France between 2005 and 2007, in the government of Néstor Kirchner, warned that “It is not going to be a thing that joining the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group means that Argentina goes to war against the Russian Federation”. And she lamented: “We are far from the traditional neutrality in both world conflicts, always decided by conservatives and preserved by radicals in the first and Peronists in the second.” A vision that Grabois echoed to criticize the former Mendoza legislator.


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