Milei and a week of political definitions after her international tour: what changes are expected

After an intense international tour where Javier Milei met with global leaders such as Giorgia Meloni from Italy, Joe Biden from the United States, Emmanuel Macron from France and Volodimir Zelenski from Ukraine, The president will face an important week full of political definitions with internal restructuring.

In the Casa Rosada they maintain that Milei decided to postpone the relaunch of his government team to avoid showing political instability. However, they assure that “all ministers are under analysis” while candidates are sought to occupy key positions in the second lines of the government.

Milei returns from his international tour and thinks about the role of Federico Sturzenegger: what functions he will fulfill

One of the most anticipated definitions is formal integration of the former president of the Central Bank, Federico Sturzenegger, into the government. Sturzenegger has scheduled a meeting with Milei upon his return to Buenos Aires.

According to TN sources, already There were several attempts to define its role, but the structure under which it would carry out the reform of the State and the deregulation of the economy were a cause of disagreement.

The hard core of the government wants Sturzenegger to take charge of a Secretary of State with the rank of minister, under the concept of Modernization. This secretariat would have a similar execution to that of the Ministry of Modernization during the presidency of Mauricio Macri.

However, the inclusion of Sturzenegger generated resistance, especially in his competition with Minister Luis Caputo for the management of public companieswhich are now under the orbit of the Economy.

Milei has public companies under its sights after the general approval of the Bases Law in the Senate

Diego Chaher, former auditor of Télam, will lead a Business Execution Unit to advance the privatizations of entities such as Argentine Energy, Intercargo, Argentine Water and Sanitation (AySA), Belgrano Cargas, Railway Operating Society and Road Corridors. ANDThese were included in the latest version of the Base Law approved by the Senate.

Hojarasca Law and Anti-Caste Law: with these projects, Sturzenegger is expected to debut in his new role

In the Casa Rosada, Sturzenegger is expected to debut in the cabinet with a law to eliminate more than one hundred regulations, known internally as “Leaf Law.”

In addition, the presentation of the Anti-Caste Law is expected, which includes the elimination of privileged retirements for president and vice president, prohibition of the candidacy of people convicted of corruption in the second instance and the loss of benefits for former officials with final convictions.

Restructuring of the AFI: one of the Government’s priorities after the return of Milei’s international tour

María Ibarzabal is in charge of preparing the restructuring decree of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), which voIt will be renamed the State Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE) and will depend on the Presidency.

The SIDE will be divided into three internal agencies: Defense, Internal Security and Technology, and will have a controlling body that will supervise that the agencies report to the new controller, Sergio Neiffert.

Guillermo Francos and new changes in the Cabinet leadership

Another area in which changes are expected is the chief of staff of Guillermo Francos. According to TN sources, lFormer deputy Paula Bertol could replace the parliamentary secretary, Omar de Marchi, who would be reassigned.

Francos also accelerates negotiations with the heads of blocks of Deputies and governors to achieve the sanction of the Income and Personal Assets laws, crucial to finance the reduction of the PAIS tax.

Problems in Milei’s political structure: with ministers under analysis and internal conflicts

Definitions on the future of ministers Mariano Cúneo Libarona (Justice), Sandra Pettovello (Human Capital), Diana Mondino (Foreign Relations) and Mario Russo (Health) were postponed.

The situation of these four members of the Cabinet is unstable, but Milei does not want to face another phase of political instability after the resignation of former coordinating minister Nicolás Posse.

The anger with Pettovello arises because in Balcarce 50 she is accused of having reported to the Anti-Corruption Office the former Secretary of Children and Family, Pablo de la Torre, for contracts with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI). This was considered an important political ally in the province of Buenos Aires.

Mondino was criticized for his management of the event at the Islamic complex attended by diplomats from Arab countries. As a result, she was excluded from the delegation that traveled to the G7 summit.

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