Video: Thieves dressed as Bucaramanga fans attacked a store in the Granada neighborhood

A group of criminals traveling in a taxi entered a commercial establishment in Bucaramanga to rob where they threatened the administrator and clients to steal their belongings.

Photo: taken from the supplied video / VANGUARDIA.

The robbery committed by subjects wearing clothing alluding to Atlético Bucaramanga occurred at 6:07 in the afternoon this Sunday, June 16.

According to the report of the Metropolitan Police of Bucaramanga, Mebuc, in a taxi with license plates Carrera 13 in the Granada neighborhood.

The videos record when one of the armed individuals approaches the person who manages the store and threatens her with a revolver. The criminal had a cap alluding to the ‘leopard’ team.

“The thief told him to give him the money or he would shoot him. “He forced her to open the cash register,” said a witness.

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The woman opens the box and the criminal proceeds to take the cash. According to the Police, it was more than a million pesos from sales on Sunday. He also took a cell phone and personal documents.

Another security camera records when two other criminals threaten three customers who were at a table with weapons and take their belongings. One of the thieves had the city team’s flag tied around his neck.

Photo: taken from the supplied video / VANGUARDIA.

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The subjects left in the public service vehicle in which they arrived, whose driver did not get out. As a special feature on the taxi’s defense, it also carried a gold-green flag.

The Sijin of the Police analyzes the videos to find these criminals who committed the theft from a commercial establishment in the Granada neighborhood of Bucaramanga.


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