The Argentine team maintains its cabal in the United States and “rests” in Chiqui Tapia’s bed

The Argentine team maintains its cabal in the United States and “rests” in Chiqui Tapia’s bed
The Argentine team maintains its cabal in the United States and “rests” in Chiqui Tapia’s bed


ATLANTA (From our envoys).- It could not be missed. Wherever the team travels, it will be there. The landing of the world champion team in this city also involved the arrival of a very special member of the delegation. He usually has a low profile, appearing at certain times and always in the background. And on this occasion, in the bunker of the group of Lionel Scalonia post on social networks by the president of the AFA Claudio Tapia allowed us to know that the cabal of chuckythe diabolical doll, is also part of the group that wants another Copa América.

In each competition, some members of the Argentine team delegation usually show some details of the intimacy of the concentration. Claudio Tapia, on his Instagram account, uploaded a photo in which you can see that the doll in question is on his bed. He even wrote in the post: “Not even Chucky missed the mate”. In the image you can see them Federico Cuedo, Exequiel Palacios, Washington Tapia already Ricardo Gortariall together in the hotel room where the Scaloni team is concentrated today.

The Chucky doll that is in the Argentine national team locker room by cabalaCapture

Chucky’s presence in each Argentine national team competition is no coincidence. The president of the AFA revealed in a talk that the story all began before the 2021 Copa América, which was held in Brazil, in the middle of the health bubble due to the Covid pandemic.

Everything was told by Chiqui Tapia prior to the World Cup during an interview she had with AFA Estudio, the entity’s Twitch channel. The theme was established from a tattoo of his that was revealed in a photo. The image taken with players from the squad showed that he has the horror movie character tattooed.

The Argentine soccer boss was consulted about this detail, and he proceeded to tell the story behind the design that appears on his skin. “One day I went into the props, I saw the Chucky doll, it was missing an arm and a leg,” Chiqui began. Upon seeing him, he asked who he belonged to and assured that having him there was not a good idea: “No one knew how he was there, among all the saints and virgins. I said, ‘Who brought that doll here? He’s unlucky.’”

A prop man responded to that query, explaining that there was a family reason for having the doll there. “Juan Cruz, the prop man, tells me: ‘Boss, that doll is lucky, they call my son Chucky,’” he explained. As they were inside the health bubble because it was the health protocol of the Copa América, the prop man made the decision to give him the doll so that he could have it in the concentration and Tapia took it with him.

Faced with this scene, Tapia proposed to the seven people who were in that talk that if the Argentine team won the Copa América in Brazil, they should do something special and in reference to the doll that they adapted as a cabal: “If we become champions, we will win.” Let’s tattoo Chucky. And the seven of us became Chucky.”

Everyone complied with what was said and from then on the presence of the doll became a custom within the campus. “He travels with us, he is everywhere. I have one in my house. After this, I bought a Chucky, he sleeps with me,” said the president of the Argentine Football Association.


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