Promoting the image of the country: Image of Chile and Chile Adicto sign collaboration agreement

This alliance seeks to promote Chile in the world, seeking to project, from its beautiful landscapes, the city of Santiago and different locations as a tourist destination for Chileans and foreigners.

80% of foreigners consulted about the attributes of Chile stated that its “attractive nature” It was the characteristic that stood out the most about our country and 52% expressed their intention to visit it in the next 5 years. These results, obtained from Longitudinal Study 2024 of the Image of Chile, reinforce the value of the destinations for tourists who visit our country. Promising figures that have prompted the signing of a collaboration agreement with Chile Adicto.

Through joint actions at the digital level, the exchange of studies, press management and support of audiovisual materialthe Chile Image Foundation, together with the Chile Adicto, Santiago Adicto platforms and the Chile Adicto Hoteles guide, They seek to enhance the image of the country both nationally and internationally.

This agreement aims to enhance the image of Chile and Santiago abroad..

“This new and fantastic relationship is a tremendous source of pride for us, it is a seal that we are doing things well,” said Rodrigo Guendelman, founder of Santiago and Chile Adicto. “We are interested in building a positive, loving and purposeful vision of both Santiago and our country. We know that we have defects, but we also have a number of incredible strengths, many of them not known to the people of Santiago and Chileans,” he added.

The multimedia platform Santiago Addict It is also a community that seeks to make Santiago residents value their city. On the other hand, Chile Addict It is a digital platform that publicizes attractive destinations throughout the national territory. He joins them Chile Addict Hotels, which is a printed and digital medium where you can find the most outstanding hotels in the country.

“Chile is more than its beautiful landscapes. It is also its cities, its vital manifestations, all its diversity, and its hidden treasures. And, of course, Santiago. Together with Santiago Adicto we want to show this, our capital, and project it even more as an international destination,” he highlighted regarding this agreement, Rossana Dresdner, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

This collaboration occurs through the exchange of audiovisual material, studies and press reports and collaborations on social networks, among others.

In this international projection that the capital has also coincided Rodrigo Guendelman. “We need the world to know Santiago, not just passing through the airport to go to Rapa Nui, Torres del Paine or the Atacama Desert. Santiago is a city full of cultural activity, it has an immense geographical and landscape heritage and great places to eat, we have one of the 30 best restaurants in the world.” In his opinion, “this link with Imagen de Chile will enhance the fact that Santiago is an irresistible city and capital, where you can spend at least two, three nights and more tomorrow.”

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