75% occupancy in Córdoba Capital

75% occupancy in Córdoba Capital
75% occupancy in Córdoba Capital

On the June 17 holiday, which commemorates the life and struggle of General Güemes, the number of travelers was much lower than last year, 64.3% less nationwide. It happens that on that occasion the weekend had 4 days and it did not coincide with the fact that in two days another long holiday would arrive, as will happen between next Thursday the 20th and Sunday the 23rd.

In total, 802 thousand tourists traveled in the three days that the weekend lasted and spent $81,464 million on food, drinks, accommodation, transportation, recreation and various purchases. With Father’s Day as the main attraction, there was primarily movement towards nearby places and visits that were more family-oriented than vacation-related.

Tourists spent an average of $50,788 per day, 3.4% less than on the same date in 2023 (at real prices) and had an average stay of 2 days, which was also below what is usual for a weekend of 3 days (usually between 2.2 and 2.5).

A factor that reduced the dynamism of the weekend’s movement was the drop in international tourism, which, although still latent, is not seen in the magnitudes of previous months.

The situation in Córdoba:

With an average stay of 2 nights and a daily expense per person of $52,355, it is estimated that there will be around 167,000 visitors to the district. One of the busiest centers was the capital, which reached a peak of 75% accommodation during Saturday night, with massively attended shows such as that of DJ Hernán Cattáneo and the group La Renga, also the World Summit on Circular Economy and the FOPE congress.

High-end hotels reported 90% occupancy. In Villa General Belgrano and Villa Carlos Paz, two highly appreciated mountain destinations, accommodation was moderate, the same as in the Traslasierra region, where more visitors without prior reservations than usual could be seen.

Tour operators in this area reported that rates remained similar to those of Easter, without significant adjustments despite inflation. Despite the economic situation, all the meetings organized in the towns had their audience, with the “JuniFest” in General Belgrano or the 40th Argentine Canariculture Championship in Carlos Paz standing out.

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