The Training Program for Future Political Leaders began in La Pampa –

The Minister of Government and Municipal Affairs, Pascual Fernández, inaugurated this morning the training program for future political leaders, an initiative of the Government of La Pampa in collaboration with the Federal Investment Council.

Present at the ceremony, which took place in the Agreement Hall, were Gastón Travella, representative of the Federal Training Program “Management for Development”, and Gabriel Reiter, general director of Territorial Planning. Both welcomed the 21 young people selected for this new edition of the program.

The participants, between 21 and 35 years old, have tertiary or university education and a strong interest in politics and leadership. They are involved in various areas, including municipal and provincial governments, companies, universities, NGOs, and sectoral and union entities.

Minister Fernández highlighted “the talent, knowledge and training” of the participants. “This shows us that we are not alone in our fight; There are many people committed to the idea that another model of life is possible.“, he claimed. He highlighted the importance of implementing innovative ideas that promote the development of the province, considering aspects such as technological transformation, climate change and territorial insertion.

Fernández also criticized the President’s position, mentioning that his intention to weaken the State has the support of several senators, which harms the quality of life of Argentines. “That’s why, Programs like this are crucial, because we cannot lose hope. And the hope is you, young professionals willing to work and train, defending what we have.”he concluded, highlighting the firm position of Governor Sergio Ziliotto.

For his part, Gastón Travella highlighted that the objective of the program is to provide modern management tools and current perspectives to participants, facilitating the creation of innovative public policy projects that respond to the current challenges of each province.

The program will be developed in a mixed mode (virtual and in-person) and will be divided into three thematic modules: Debates for Argentine development, Infrastructure and public services, and Argentine productive structure and development policies.

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