Cúcuta turns 291 years old

Cúcuta turns 291 years old
Cúcuta turns 291 years old


One more anniversary of the very noble, loyal and courageous city of Cúcuta is a source of pride for the people of Cucuta who, despite adversity, get up every day to work diligently to try to get ahead.

The Cucuteño is a fighter, ambitious in his challenges and always wants to look for new opportunities in his social and commercial development and grow hand in hand with his desire to “push forward” as he says in the streets.

A city that, despite the fact that it has been hit by the adversities of a border crisis, sometimes by crude violence, economic recession, by the blows of a Venezuelan migration and the attacks of that strategic position that it enjoys but that has also brought with it difficulties .

The Cucuteños, despite the difficulties, feel happy “this city is a good living area, it is an attractive destination, we have a dynamic commerce that opens doors to all who want to arrive and the desire to get ahead, we do not give up.”

Another exclaims “we are welcoming, friendly people, who enjoy our heritage, the imposing Cerro Tasajero, El Malecón, El Mirador de Cristo Rey, our parks, the green city, our gastronomy, Cúcuta at night, the city of rumba, the “city in which Colombians and Venezuelans become brothers.”

Today the municipal authorities remembered this celebration, Mayor Jorge Acevedo did so by inviting all Cucuteños to strengthen their love for the city, civility and pointing out that this city is perseverant and has opportunities for its development in all areas.

The memory took many Cucuteños by surprise, others remembered the capital of Santander with images alluding to emblematic sites and others wished good news for the city regarding security, work, attention to its problems and improvement in the quality of life of its inhabitants. .

Caracol Radio and its sister stations Tropicana, Bésame and W Radio accompanied this date 291 years ago in Santander Park in the city of Cúcuta.

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