Gradually and with low pressure, water service will begin to be reestablished in Yopal

The Yopal Aqueduct, Sewer and Cleaning Company (EAAAY) reported that its technical teams worked during Sunday night to clear the systems affected by the rising Cravo Sur River.
Saturday’s downpour caused an increase in the turbidity of the river, which blocked the intake and sand traps of the treatment plant. Faced with this situation, EAAAY staff mobilized personnel to clean the facilities and reactivate the purification process.
After finishing the cleaning work around midnight on Sunday, the plant’s operation was restarted and the filling of the storage tanks began. The company anticipates that supply could be restored to the distribution network before noon this Monday.
However, the EAAAY warns that the total normalization of the service will be gradual. Initially, water will reach homes at low pressure while the filling of the entire distribution network is completed.
The company assures that it will maintain constant monitoring of the situation and undertakes to promptly report any developments or changes in the service restoration process.



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