A month of protest on campus

The Camp for Palestine of La Rioja has been on the campus of the University of La Rioja for a month and on Monday afternoon, in the Rectorate, its representatives insisted that the genocide be explicitly condemned, that there be a commitment to not collaborate with entities that support it and raise the flag as was done with that of Ukraine. “The University’s response has been to maintain a shameful neutrality, whitewashing the genocide and refusing to meet with us,” they stated. And the camping trip began in good harmony with the UR, which allowed the electricity supply and was even willing to grant official authorization if it established a conclusion date.

But a month later, after having grown to more than thirty tents, the camp has been reduced to twenty. “It is a very important and necessary experience that different groups have come together for a noble and just cause such as supporting a people that is suffering a genocide,” said Aroa Villoslada, president of the UR Student Council. “We would like the Rectorate to firmly condemn the genocide,” Aroa Villoslada insisted. The camping trip started on May 15 in the UR during a week of rain and is now entering the stifling summer heat, so these are not days off. “A month here is hard, but we are moved by a noble cause and we endure,” Villoslada confessed.

Sacha Pozo started at the Complutense University of Madrid camp and joined the UR camp “out of empathy and solidarity” at the end of May. «He is hard and beautiful at the same time because he has come to hail us, but the atmosphere is very pure. This is already one of the few camps left in Spain and we will continue to hold out until it is necessary,” he explained.

Yusef Ali Blat has only been there for two weeks, he is a graphic printer and he joined because he believes it is unfair that Palestine is not supported like Ukraine. «Now we are a pineapple and we will go to the end. We want the UR not to be neutral,” said Yusef. And Lucía Arrieta, a high school student, joined at the end of her exams. “I didn’t believe this is happening, that it is ignored,” Lucía acknowledged. The rally culminated in front of the Rectorate with the raising of the Palestinian flag and shouting “Israel murders, Unirioja sponsors.”


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