The Diocese of La Rioja on the eve of celebrating 90 years

The Diocese of La Rioja on the eve of celebrating 90 years
The Diocese of La Rioja on the eve of celebrating 90 years

As the People of God that feels like the Land of Tinkunaco, a great meeting will be held to reflect and give thanks for the history, memory and evangelizing mission by celebrating 90 years of religious history.

The diocese of La Rioja (Latin: Dióecesis Rioiensis) is an ecclesiastical constituency of the Catholic Church in Argentina.

It is a Latin diocese, suffragan of the archdiocese of San Juan de Cuyo. Since December 13, 2018, its bishop is Dante Gustavo Braida. From the Communications Area of ​​the Bishopric it was pointed out that “it is also desired to awaken and strengthen the missionary dimension of the Church and renew the diocesan commitment to it.”

The monumental celebration will take place on San Nicolás de Bari Street in front of the San Nicolás de Bari Sanctuary and Cathedral of this city on

According to the official report, the entertainers and musicians will receive the delegations from the different deaneries who will arrive on pilgrimage along with the images of their Virgins and saints that represent them.

At 12, the diocesan bishop Monsignor Dante Gustavo Braida will preside over the Mass and then – in that same place – and in the Plaza 25 de Mayo a basket lunch will be shared.

At 2 p.m., each of the 5 deaneries will artistically present their history and mission, a space that will be closed by an allegory of the 90 years of the Diocese. At 5:00 p.m., the procession of San Nicolás will take place along with the images brought from different parts of the Diocese.

At the end, Monsignor Braida will give the traditional reflection and then close the meeting with the performance of various music bands. Bishops Throughout these 90 years the Diocese of La Rioja had eight bishops and one Apostolic Administrator. The first was Monsignor Froilán Ferreira Reinaf

He was followed in the shepherding of the diocese by: Horacio Gómez Dávila, Enrique Angel Angelelli, Cándido Rubiola (Administrator), Bernardo Enrique Witte, Fabriciano Sigampa, Roberto Rodríguez, Marcelo Daniel Colombo and Dante Gustavo Braida. Course Organized by the Pastoral Communication Area of ​​the Diocese of La Rioja, registration is open to participate in the Training Workshop “Samaritans of the digital world” that will last until May 25.

The workshop that will be given within the framework of the 90 years of the Rioja Diocese will begin on May 27. It aims to delve deeper into spirituality, what and how to post and plan on social media and share religiosity.

The completely free course is intended for local communicators and those from other dioceses who want to join. It has the approval of Bishop Dante Gustavo Braida and the participants will be issued the corresponding certificate.

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